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Hazardous Geographical Environments - Assignment Example

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The technology is designed to eliminate target objects with laser light and measuring the reflected light in distance analysis processes (Lee 294). Lidar technology is applied in…
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Hazardous Geographical Environments
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Extract of sample "Hazardous Geographical Environments"

Download file to see previous pages Surveying and mapping projects have extensively employed lidar technology for precise or accuracy in distance measurements (Lee 298).
Lidar has a broad range of applications. Lidar is used in topographic mapping, through which land is categorized into various zones. Lidar yields highly accurate topographic data which has allowed researchers to analyze farm land and determine sun exposures and the contours or slopes of farmland. Through lidar, geologists have been able to extract accurate maps on areas that are covered by forest canopy. Through lidar generated digital elevation models, geologists have been able to create high resolution maps across various zones on the earth’s surface (Lee 302). The detection of obstacles has also been enhanced through the application of lidar technology. In return navigation across various environments has been made effective. In geology, lidar has been applied in the detection of various topographic features across the earth’s surface. For instance, detection of river banks, terraces and elevations on land surface have been made possible through the application of lidar technology.
Lidar technology has specifically been applied in the delineation of hazard zones. For instance, lidar has been used by geologists to monitor the processes of costal evolution and analyze the various hazards that are associated with coastal regions (Lee 310). Through lidar technology, geologists have also been able to identify and measure changes in landforms within hazard zones with a lot of precision. Such measurements have been used to predict the implications that are associated with specific hazards. The discovery, mapping and measurement of natural hazards, such as mudslides, landslides and flooding debris have been made possible through the application of laser technology. It is through lidar that hazard zones can be seen through ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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