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Terrorism report - Book Report/Review Example

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Two conclusions the Global Terrorism Index (GTI) Report reached were terrorism incidents occur under political unrest or in middle to lower income countries. Terrorism incidents occur less frequently in countries with stable governments. Democracies rank high, but countries like…
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Terrorism report
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Extract of sample "Terrorism report"

Two conclusions the Global Terrorism Index (GTI) Report reached were terrorism incidents occur under political unrest or in middle to lower income countries. Terrorism incidents occur less frequently in countries with stable governments. Democracies rank high, but countries like North Korea, Cuba, and Saudi Arabia terrorism is low. Russia is the only country in the top ten that is middle to higher income. Seven of the ten countries are middle to lower class.
The first conclusion of political unrest did not surprise me. Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries, Somalia, and others that do not have solid governments would have more terrorist events. The reason is law and order can be chaotic in a country that does not have solid leadership. I was surprised about the income of the country. I assumed that lower income countries would have more terrorist attacks.
I was most startled by Israel’s ranking. After hearing news reports all of my life about terrorism in Israel, it was a shock to learn that terrorism in Israel is actually decreasing. I was also surprised at the low ranking of Oman, Congo, and Sierra Leone. Oman is in the Middle East, whereas the Congo and Sierra Leone is in Africa. These regions around these countries are where terrorism acts occur. It goes to prove that not all Middle Eastern or African countries are prone to terrorism.
Terrorism acts reported on the news are of Muslim extremists. However, in Iraq, the highest ranked country of terroristic acts, have different factions of Muslims fighting against each other. India, another country ranked in the top ten, are Hindu. Terroristic acts are not always motivated by religion. Chechnya wants independence, Palestinians want land, and so forth. Government rule seems to have more to do with terroristic acts than religion does. Read More
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Terrorism Report Book /Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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Others linked it with civil disobedience while others label it as acts of violence. However, experts claimed that these three are very different terms from each other but in as much as one wished to gain adequate understanding of the word “terrorism”, it is crucial also to obtain insight about the other two terms often connected with it. Civil disobedience is deemed acceptable by many deliberative democrats as long as it remains relevantly tied to the objective of communicative action (Allen 15). However, Allen also emphasized that certain kinds of terrorism cannot be ruled out either (15). On the other hand, an individual must acknowledge that the deliberative democrat will not really be able to justify taking life as a maneuver...
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The significance of stakeholders’ cooperation, in addition to external and internal communications, is also a matter of emphasis in the effort to combat terror. Contents Abstract 2 Contents 3 Introduction 4 Terrorism and Its Motivations 4 Hotels as Targets of Terrorism 6 Security Model 8 Proposed Safety System Diagram for Hotels 10 Detection 10 Dejection 11 Protection 11 Deflection 11 Connect 11 Reflect 12 Conclusion 12 References 13 Introduction In the past several years, the hospitality industry and particularly hotels and other accommodation facilities have encountered numerous terrorist invasions. For instance, in 2003 there was a fatal terrorist attack on the Indonesian branch of the internationally renowned JW Marriott hote...
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... in the past few years and is affecting one in nine Americans. This report was published on September 13th, 2004. Federal and state agencies, under the disguise of dealing with terrorism, have extended the use of this dangerous, discriminatory, and degrading practice. Racial profiling is a routine that poses a significant risk to the foremost principles of the constitution. In addition, racial profiling inexplicably targets individuals of color for enforcement and investigation. This leads to estranging them from law enforcement, making law enforcement agencies to lose trust and credibility among the individuals they are employed to serve and protect, thus hampering community policing attempts. Racial profiling continues to be an egregious...
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The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), or the Tamil Tigers are known to be the pioneers of suicide bombing, yet, they are seen as ‘liberators’ by local Tamils. Thus, the answer to whether the Tamil Tigers are terrorists or not is a complicated one that is dependent on subjective, biased analysis of power politics of Sri Lanka. 2) In the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Center, the question of terrorism as a justifiable means to achieving liberation has been hotly debated within the United States of America. While many believe that terrorism, an act of harm, can never justify a quest for national freedom, there are also arguments that see terrorism as understandable under certain circumstances. The use of violence...
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... Terrorism The terms “terrorism against women and children” and “the terrorist act committed by women and children” can be understood as similar and different at the same time. First, many women and children become the victims of terrorism, for example, when terrorists attack private houses where women and children stay, or schools, which are usually full of children. On the other hand, the definition “terrorism against women and children” also has the meaning that is not closely connected with terrorism as the act of violence. The term can be used when we are talking about the violence and cruelty against women and children that they may face in our everyday life. Terrorist acts committed by women and children are becoming a widespread...
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...Dossier, Terrorism Intelligence report: In this Terrorism dossier and intelligence report, the origins, history and operations of two terrorist organizations – Al Qaeda and Jemaah Islamiah – are discussed. From a study of the rationale and motive of these two groups, we can arrive at the security implications for the Australian government and the preventative measures that could be taken to thwart any possible terrorist attacks. Group Names and their interpretation: Firstly, the term ‘terrorist organization’ should not be interpreted to mean a formal hierarchy of personnel who are assigned fixed responsibilities and duties. On the other hand they imply propaganda and support mechanism whose aim is to recruit willing individuals...
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...Terrorism al Affiliation October 17, Terrorism Question Explain why it is so difficult to define the concept of terrorism with agreed-upon precision? According to Yungher, it is hard to define the concept of terrorism due to its changing nature with every new day. Terrorism is changing with the terror groups changing their methods of striking and the reasons for attacking. It has therefore been used to destabilize governments and express the feeling of certain classes in the society. Question 2: Discuss the reasons some groups pursue political goals by using violence of the type described as terrorism. Terrorism has been used by some groups to pursue their political goals. This has been on the rise since in many democratic nations...
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...Terrorism Introduction Nations spend millions of dollars on the maintenance of their security; this is majorly due to security challenges posed by terrorist threats both to the economic and social well-being of the country. The approaches used by terrorists in the implementation of terror have taken a dynamic twist owing to the improvement in technology; thus, terrorist apply the use of modern technology to a greater deal in the implementation of their acts. The formation of terrorist groups has been on the rise particularly among the Arab nations making understanding of terrorism to be one of the most crucial issues in the management of governments (Pilat, 2009). In an attempt to understand terrorism and integrate the protection against...
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... terror groups that have functioned with the U.S for over a century. The Ku Klux Klan is also regarded as one of the oldest terror groups in the history of the US with various transformation witnessed throughout its existence (United States Department of Justice, 2015). Group Origins As long ago as 1865, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is known to have existed up to current year, 2015. The KKK has undergone through various transformations as well as disbanding that has left the group non-existent for year before springing up again after civil, political, or social issues erupt in the U.S. The initial form of the organization is reported to have existed shortly after the Civil War but its lifespan only lasted for a few years before the disbanding...
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