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Comparative Media Analysis - Research Paper Example

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This paper has selected on two articles that argue oppositely based on the chosen topic. The paper therefore delves on the biological pest control and the articles chosen…
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Comparative Media Analysis
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Extract of sample "Comparative Media Analysis"

RESEARCH PAPER, GEOGRAPHY Introduction: Introduction It is important to highlight that this paper delves on the environmental conservation and management issues. This paper has selected on two articles that argue oppositely based on the chosen topic. The paper therefore delves on the biological pest control and the articles chosen give different perceptions concerning the topic. Biological pest control is the form of pest control whereby animals are used as the controlling mechanism. This is in the case whereby animals that feed on animals especially pests such as aphids are used in the farms and other areas that could be affected by pests to feed on the pests that are harmful and hazardous to the crops or animals reared (Bharuch, 2012).
The first article is on the report that was presented by Chymlley Organization. According to the article, they had a perception that the use of pests is not effective given the fact that this is another way that reduces the insects that are in the environment. According to the organization, their view in regard to the pests, they view them with an aesthetic perception and not in a layman’s way. This is the benefits accrued o having diverse types of animals (Mtsiva, 2003).
The National Environment Management Authority, (NEMA) of the republic of Singapore however encourages this natural suggestion in controlling pests. According to the organization, they view this as an environmental friendly method owing to the fact that there is no chemical that is discharged on to the ground. The organization considers this method in mind environmental conservation (Khopkar, 2007).
The weakness of these two articles is that in the first article, it focuses on the aesthetic benefits of the pests and insects but not mentioning the adverse effects of the pests on productivity. The second article on the other hand focuses on the environmental conservation measures but not mentioning the ecological balance in terms of biodiversity (Bharuch, 2012).
Bharuch, E. (2012) Textbook of Environmental Studies for Undergraduate Courses, Universities Press, pp. 78
Khopkar, M. (2007) Environmental Pollution Monitoring And Control, New Age International, pp.56
Mtsiva, C. (2003) Oil and Natural Gas: Issues and Policies, Nova Publishers,pp.59 Read More
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