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As technology keeps advancing and the population of human beings keeps increasing, a dire need of efficient solutions and resources has become inevitable. This has attracted inventors and investors attention by trying to provide a desirable environment for the next possible…
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How do you envision the city of the future
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OF THE FUTURE By OF THE FUTURE As technology keeps advancing and the population of human beings keeps increasing, a dire need of efficient solutions and resources has become inevitable. This has attracted inventors and investors attention by trying to provide a desirable environment for the next possible future. Among one of the many holistic innovations that are being discussed and planned for is the adoption of the cities of the future.
The whole concept about having a city of the future is aimed at providing sustainable and comfortable living. According to Eberl (2011), another reason for having these kinds of cities is so as to reduce congestion and reduce strain on the meagre resources that are becoming overstretched. This stress and strain is because of a surge in the population of the current cities that has been experienced over the past two decades. About 70% of the public amenities that are currently being used were budgeted and planned for far less populations that they are currently handling. I envision that a city of the future will have architectural structures and designs that will be spacious enough to accommodate populations without feeling the need of expansion. This includes improved road networks and other modes of transport.
These buildings and amenities for the future should be built using designs that aim at sustaining and conserving the environment. This is by having enough supply of efficient and clean energy. Building designs should see to it that natural light and natural ventilation is adapted to the fullest so as to eliminate over dependence on electricity. This will cut down immensely the electricity bills as a result water towers and catchment areas will be restored and reserved. Electricity used in these buildings should be generated from greener technologies such as wind and solar energy (Davis, 2009). The material used in constructing these buildings should also be environment friendly ad should include recycled material. This will stop the constructors from going back to destroy natural habitat.
Another expectation of the city of the future is minimal if not total elimination of the use of fossil fuels. This can only be achieved by adopting technologies that avoid carbon emission as their waste. One such technology that I envisage is the complete adoption of electricity powered vehicles. Automobiles contribute immensely to the emission of carbon to the atmosphere. By cutting down on these emissions, the atmosphere will be very clean and hence the quality of the air will be more healthy for human beings and living organisms (Herring,2012).
In terms of availability and accessibility to resources, cities in the future should provide convenient transport and communication solutions. Facilities such as schools and hospitals should be easily available so as to create more time for income generating activities. Medical care especially should be administered using much more preventive ways and methods instead of curative means of treatment. This according to the lifestyle that will be associated with the future living will be backed by the available technology at that time.
In terms of availability of opportunities, future cities should provide opportunities for all. This is because coming up with solutions would require detail and hence every person would require to be a specialist in a particular field. This will enhance collaboration and would create mutual respect amongst each other. In effect, this will have a spill over effect and it would create peaceful and safe environments since almost everyone would be catered for. With much of the population gainfully employed levels of insecurity will be a thing of the past. This will be because having specialists in each sector will create a level playing field of opportunities and income (Shildrick, 2013).
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