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The spotting of Viking strand of cordage in the Northern tip of the Island was appalling to the archeologist because the cordage string had little similarity with the sinew twisted by the Arctic…
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Vikings and Native America Canada Baffin Island in the Arctic majorly had settlement of the Arctic hunters. The spotting of Viking strand of cordage in the Northern tip of the Island was appalling to the archeologist because the cordage string had little similarity with the sinew twisted by the Arctic hunters. Under the microscope in Canadian Museum of Civilization, the cordage of string spun into soft yarn by use of soft hairs. Moreover, the Norse Women in Greenland made the Viking strands. Viking seafarer in search for gold, land, and treasures colonized Scotland, England, and Ireland in the eighteenth century. Vikings colonist in Iceland and Greenland farmed and filled storehouse with luxuries for trade in the Europeans. The Canadian archeologist discovered iron ship rivets and many artifacts belonging to the Vikings in the coast of Ellesmere Island. Hence, the discovery of the yarn in 1999 made Sutherland to scrutinize other archeologist artifacts originating from the domain of Arctic hunter. Surprisingly, the spun yarns found spread from Nunguvik, Tanfield Valley, Willows Island, to Avayalik Island located between Northern Baffin Island and Northern Labrador. Moreover, the fragments of tally sticks discovered resembled Vikings items used to record trade transaction and to spin fibers. Consequently, many artifacts from the Arctic found in the Museum pointed out the good relation in trade between the Dorset hunters and Vikings. The Viking always moved in search of new traders hence exploring the North American Coast. Therefore, the small nomad of Dorset hunters welcomed hunted walruses and fur-bearing animals whose fur could be spun to luxurious yarn. Therefore, the Vikings camping at the Tanfield Valley open an opportunity to trade with the Dorset hunters for fur.
Works Cited
Pringle, Heather. “Vikings and Native Americans.” National Geographic. November 2012. Web. 7 Oct. 2013. Read More
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