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Different life - Essay Example

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Moon forms tides. It not true that without moon there won’t be any tides at all. Tides are formed by both sun and moon and therefore there would be tides on earth caused by sun but…
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Different life
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Extract of sample "Different life"

Write about an aspect of life that you imagine would be different on this planet than they are on present dayEarth.
Imagine a life on earth without the presence of moon - it would not be the same as it is today. Moon forms tides. It not true that without moon there won’t be any tides at all. Tides are formed by both sun and moon and therefore there would be tides on earth caused by sun but these tides would be less than those caused by the moon. The reason behind the formation of tides on earth is that tides are formed as the result of distance between the earth and other bodies. The moon is closer to earth than the sun, and therefore it has more tidal effect on earth in comparison to the sun resulting in more tides. In short, without moon there would be tides on earth but they would be much smaller.
If there isn’t any moon present to slow the rotation of earth, then the earth would spin much faster. Although the tides formed by the sun would slower the rotation of earth, but because of the absence of moon the Earth would have a day of eight hours. In such a condition there would have been life on Earth but there would be no humans. With no moon there wouldn’t have been any lunar calendar. Keeping time would have been complex and the sun instead would be used for time keeping reference (Hogan).
Work Cited
Hogan, Kortner. MARCH 28TH: WHAT IF THE MOON DID NOT EXIST? 28 March 2009. 6 September 2013 . Read More
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Different Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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