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Buffalo - Essay Example

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They will always want to study the reasons that make some urban centers lag behind others in terms of development and globalization. Most…
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Extract of sample "Buffalo"

An Alternative to the Dominant Narrative of Buffalos Decline Introduction Most researchers concern themselves with the growing number of urban centers as well as the changes that take place in these urban centers. They will always want to study the reasons that make some urban centers lag behind others in terms of development and globalization. Most of the ways that urban policy makers and researchers use to explain urban decline are flawed and do not look at the inner dimensions of the underlying issues. Buffalo is one of the cities that have been subject to research in an attempt to identify reasons behind its urban decline. However, Buffalo houses a myriad of factors that explain the urban decline despite the population loss and aging of residents. The city is experiencing massive in-migration, decline in entrepreneurial activities and changes that the youth bring to society.
Alternative to the dominant narrative of Buffalo’s decline
Buffalo is a scene of interaction between different ethnic groups, with the majority being African Americans. Crime and ethnic divisions are significant characteristics of the city. Bringing children up in such poor backgrounds affects their future and their performance in life. Buffalo has a large number of young people who lack the resources and necessary facilities to engage in entrepreneurial activities. There is neglect on the part of the society regarding entrepreneurial activities. However, the growing number of shops and rental houses in the town suggests that the town is undergoing gradual entrepreneurial development and in-migration respectively. The main challenge facing these entrepreneurial ventures is that most people run them on an ethnic basis.
Budget crisis has contributed to the decline of Buffalo where the marginalized and the disadvantaged communities shoulder the heaviest burdens in the budget (Cope & Latcham 152). This couples up with the loss of manufacturing facilities and sources of raw materials. Decline in manufacturing jobs led to the population loss where young people moved out of the town in search of job opportunities. Nevertheless, the leadership of Buffalo is partly responsible for the economic decline and poverty. The leaders gave way for racism where the society divides itself along ethnic basis. This leads to disparities in job allocation, which makes some ethnic groupings poorer than others do.
It is worth noting that the recent census in the United States revealed that there are many young children in Buffalo than it was the case in the past. However, this does not mean that the narratives that suggest aging population as a factor in Buffalo’s decline are wrong. A critical analysis of the census results reveals that the majority of occupants of Buffalo are blacks with remarkably few white families. Lagging behind of Buffalo is a factor of many issues including diseases, violence and other vices and that young people bear the responsibility (Cope & Latcham 156). Therefore, poor economic structures are other feasible alternatives of explaining the problems facing buffalo.
A critical analysis of the problems of Buffalo reveals inner details that suppress the evidence that most narratives give. All the answers as to the causes of Buffalo’s problems are within the city and are clear for anyone to see. For instance, race is among the factors that contribute to redundancy in economic growth and development in the town. Racism affects the way individuals conduct their businesses and the stability of a place. The youths in the town are bear responsibility for some of the problems and challenges facing the society. It is through the youth that vices such as violence found their way in Buffalo. Economic policies such as poor budgeting also contribute to poor performance of urban centers. Therefore, population loss and aging population are not the only ways of explaining the problems facing Buffalo.
Work Cited
Cope, Meghan & Latcham, Frank. “Narratives of Decline: Race, Poverty, and Youth in the Context of Postindustrial Urban Angst.” The Professional Geographer 61.2(2009): 151-163 Read More
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