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Reading Response: Reworking the local - Book Report/Review Example

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According to Gramsci Antonio, common sense applies to the idea of causality and it identifies the precise cause, it is simple, and does not let itself be diverted by fancy pseudo-profound and quibbles. It was discovered that in common sense, a certain measure of experimentalism…
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Reading Response: Reworking the local
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Extract of sample "Reading Response: Reworking the local"

Reworking the Locals According to Gramsci Antonio, common sense applies to the idea of causality and it identifies the precise cause, it is simple, and does not let itself be diverted by fancy pseudo-profound and quibbles. It was discovered that in common sense, a certain measure of experimentalism plus direct scrutiny of reality, though limited and empirical, was present. To Gramsci, philosophy is an outset of the world, and philosophical actions are not to be conceived only as the individual amplification of systematically logical concepts, but as cultural fight to transform the trendy mentality and to disperse the philosophical advances which will demonstrate themselves as historically right to the extend that they concretely become socially and historically universal (Gramsci 663).
Gramsci argues that language is a collective word which does not assume any single issue existing in space and time. It also means philosophy and culture, that is, if only at common sense levels, and thus the fact of language is a multiplicity of facts less or more organically co-ordinate and coherent. Further, every speaking person has an individual language or his own specific way of feeling and thinking.
In his views, Gramsci says that the definition of man can only be found in man himself. In every individual man, you can find out what each individual man is. Since we are not interested with every man’s individualism, we mean that every man is at his own moment. From this reflection, Gramsci suggests that to answer the question of what man is, we mean what he can become, if he can dominate his own destiny, and if he can create his personal life. He concludes that man is a more of the process of his activities (Gramsci 670). The humanity mirrored in every individual comprises of different elements namely: the individual, the natural world, and other men, but a person does not relate with others by coincidence, but organically. To him, the societies in which a person can take part are abundant than they appear, yet it is via these societies that an individual relates to the human race.
On the other hand, Amanda and Richa argue that it is important for people to focus on same events in order to bring the desired change because they have the transformational powers to change the society. This is acceptable if they do not interfere with the economic sphere of the society. They further stress that if the sociopolitical change intends to bring a radical and harmful challenge to the societal economic equations, then they have to put on a spirited fight so as to attain a change that positively affects the society. In this article, the author brings out the idea that women issues cannot be limited to the violence that is inflicted upon their emotions and bodies nor can it be limited to opportunities and resources that target women while alienating them from the rest of the society (Amanda and Richa 670). Therefore, if people are interested in transforming the society in a sustainable manner, it is significant to incorporate all sociopolitical and economic agents in the strategies and plans that intend to bring change so as to cater for the needs of all people without alienating either women, children or men from the organ that intend to bring change.
It is necessary to look at the forces that aim to bring about change from three perspectives which include:
Hands of peasant laborers who are part of the struggle.
Non-governmental organizations that aim to empower women in places that are economically marginalized.
Field of academics that print materials about the process.
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