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GEO3502 Homework #7 - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Some of these terms include gender, work, cultural turn and sex among others. These terms may at times be confused for different meanings since some of them represent more…
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GEO3502 Homework #7
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Extract of sample "GEO3502 Homework #7"

Geography In geography, there are a number of terms used to define some extremely fundamental aspects of culture. Some of these terms include gender, work, cultural turn and sex among others. These terms may at times be confused for different meanings since some of them represent more than one idea, for example, sex. This essay will explain the meaning of the cultural turn, gender and how gender differs from sex. This paper will also explain how gender relates to work.
Cultural turn, gender and how it differs from Sex
Cultural turn was a movement aimed to make culture the focus of contemporary debates within the discipline of social sciences. Gender is defined as a basis of defining the individual contributions that men and women make to culture and life as a whole (Wilson, p 2-3). Gender, on the other hand, can be defined as the roles created by the society and men and women relations. However, this term differs from gender which is the biological characteristics that define masculinity or femininity.
Gender and work
In most countries, women engage in roles that are a bit dodgy as compared to the men which make them subordinate. First, there some professions that are attributed to men and some to women only. A good example is of the nursing profession which is regarded more of a women’s profession (Wilson, p 21-23). Secondly, since most people are still upholding the vice of discrimination, men are granted opportunities to learn well-paying jobs, which include medicine, space science among others. However, this has been reduced nowadays because women are learned. It has been noted that due to factors relating to health, some jobs are only suited to specific genders (Wilson, p 14). This is because it is perceived that women are more sensitive in terms of health conditions.
In conclusion, even though culture should be upheld, both genders should be cared for in all instances. Discrimination against any one gender is not required. This is because both genders have the capacity to do any work in any given setting.
Work cited
Wilson, H. T. Sex and Gender: Making Cultural Sense of Civilization. Netherlands: E. J. Brill, 2004. Print. Read More
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