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Political Speeches and Press Releases - Assignment Example

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The President of the United States, Barack Obama, made a speech to the students of the University of Indonesia in which he addressed the new concepts of geography and diversity that the American government is trying to achieve in the recent…
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Political Speeches and Press Releases
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Extract of sample "Political Speeches and Press Releases"

Harris Kamran Geography Analysis 14 October Geographical Concepts in a Political Speech The President of the United s, Barack Obama, made a speech to the students of the University of Indonesia in which he addressed the new concepts of geography and diversity that the American government is trying to achieve in the recent years with the help of the Indonesian government and other countries (Obama). The President stresses on the need of a highly connected and global population, so that although the diversity would persist between the cultures and societies of the different countries, the countries themselves would exist peacefully and in collaboration with each other (Obama). The President did not talk of the need or goal of creating a world without boundaries; in fact, he vehemently recognized and accepted the differences between the people, their cultures, and their faiths (Obama). Instead, he stressed on the need to view one populace as alien or enemies if the other; in essence, he denounced the concept of “othering” as regards the political and social environment (Obama). He stressed that it was imperative for the global development of the world for countries to exist in peace and to understand that diversity can be used to unify the communities instead of breaking them apart (Obama). He maintained that it was very important for the Oriental countries to decide their leadership themselves and to own their freedom through the process of democracy (Obama), since it was in the vested interest of the American government to bring harmony in the Eastern society so that new market could open up for the American trade, and business could flourish, which would result in the progress and development of the countries (Obama).
Works Cited
Obama, Barack. “Address to students at the University of Indonesia: Indonesia’s
Example to the World.” White House. University of Indonesia, ID. 10 Nov. 2010. Address. Read More
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