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Pakistan came into being when British rule over the Indian subcontinent ended on 14 August 1947 to 15 August 1947 and gave way to the independence of two states together with a difference of one day; these two states are Pakistan and India. …
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Pakistan Pakistan came into being when British rule over the Indian subcontinent ended on 14 August 1947 to 15 August 1947 and gave way to the independence of two states together with a difference of one day; these two states are Pakistan and India. Pakistan consisted of two wings, East and West Pakistan, East Pakistan was made up of Bangladesh which was separated from West Pakistan from almost one thousand miles and West Pakistan consisted of Punjab, Baluchistan, North West Frontier Province and Sindh. Pakistan was a result of the demand for a separate homeland for Muslim's of India by the great leader Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Muslim League political party together. The Capital of the new State was Karachi, after the division of borders about one-third of the Muslims of India remained in India and after the division of East Pakistan only 45% of Muslims remained in Pakistan. When Pakistan was made or came into being, the country did not get all the resources which were to be given to them and those given were mostly outdated and obsolete.
Currently political stability or we can say political instability of Pakistan has been a setback for the economic growth of Pakistan. Last year on February 18 elections were held in which a coalition government was formed by the two majorities political parties of Pakistan, these two political parties are P.P.P (Pakistan's Peoples Party) and P.M.L-N (Pakistan's Muslim League - Nawaz). Soon after the elections the political parties were not able to rule the country together and the alliances broke after five months of ruling and after the resignation of Pervaiz Musharaf (former president and chief of army staff of Pakistan) as the five points on which the alliance was standing on were not completed. The five points were restoration of judges deposed last year by Musharaf, impeachment of Musharaf, dissolve the presidents power to dismiss government and the parliament, a new candidate for the president's seat who was not connected to any political party and restore democracy in Pakistan. Since that date till today Pakistanis political conditions have worsened and it is even feared that this government would not last for more than a year or less, this political uncertainty has given way to economic instability, the value of Pakistani rupee to that of U.S dollar has fallen almost about 33.3% since the rule of the new government has started and the recent oil and an energy crises have stabbed the economy of the country, increase in oil prices and energy prices have resulted in liquidly problems of the country, the factories are closing every day, the stock market is freeze, banks are running out of money, people are loosing jobs and living hand to mouth. The government is trying very hard to destabilize the economy but has failed to do so in recent month, the government has been asking for financial aid from different friend countries but has failed to gain help.
At present Pakistan's relationship with its former colonizer India has improved, the president Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan and Mr. Manmohan Singh of India are trying to resolve problems between the two countries with the help of Give and Take Policy but still they are not able to come to a conclusion with the problem between them from 1947 to 2008 of Kashmir as both trhe countries still fight on the topic that Kashmir belongs to one of them.

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