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Hunger - Assignment Example

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There is not really anyone that does not understand that world hunger is a serious problem, needlessly causing sickness and loss of life all over the world. Many people donate their money, volunteer their time, or actively participate in organizations that work to alleviate the hunger issues of the world…
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Extract of sample "Hunger"

Download file to see previous pages However, despite these efforts there is still proving not be enough food to feed everyone who is in need. The article, “How to Feed Nine Billion,” by Evan Fraser and Andrew Rimas, discusses how the horrible drought in Africa in 1992 had the potential to be incredibly devastating. However, although the drought was not good, the farmers in the effected regions were able to survive the drought because these farmers had already procured genetically modified seeds that were designed to survive these sorts of dry conditions and continue to thrive This is why, the African drought of 1992 is referred to as the “drought that never was” (Fraser & Rimas , 2012) However, just because these farmers were able to withstand this drought does not resolve the issues of hunger in Africa or worldwide. The authors are adamant that between the 2050 and 2080 we will be essentially in need of more food than we will be able to produce to meet the growth in population that will exist at that point. Finding means to develop an implementable plan, a sustainable solution, and an agreeable means to making it happen is no easy feat. Discussion The authors make strong points highlighting the details of hunger in the world and discussing the contributing factors and potential means of improving the situation. The idea of just sending other countries what they need to survive is admirable but essentially just a Band-Aid on a much more serious wound. Besides it has been established that the United States is not yielding the large crops they once did. We, ourselves, may, in the not too distant future, be unable to provide for ourselves. The authors, also, in this case, make quite a point to support the use of genetically altered seeds; if not for them the African drought may not have fared so well for the people. Issues However, GMO crops and food products are a very sensitive subject, here in the United States, as well as all over the world. Although GM seeds are modified only enough to allow them to grow in unlikely environments and to defend themselves from pesticides and insects that can compromise the crops yield, it does not automatically make the growing or consuming of these food items or the foods produced from them dangerous or unhealthy The fact that 80% of the foods are or contain elements of genetic modification, is frightening to many people and has caused a great deal of distrust towards the whole concept of genetically modified foods. In Haiti a gift of modified seeds was sent to aid the hunger issues in the country, several Haitians set fire to the building where the seeds were kept, because they did not want the modified seeds (Catsoulis, 2013). However the ethical, moral, social, and, potentially, legal issues associated with GMO foods, production and labeling, is an issue that will not be easily settled. The question that this article does raise that deserves to be addressed is how can a developed country, like the United States and underdeveloped countries both be suffering from hunger, when one has so much and the other so little. According to experts, it is a misconception that hunger stems from lands with little to offer. In truth, it is countries with surpluses of food that seem to reveal issues with hunger. According to the United Food and Agriculture Organisation, FAO, it is the countries, like the United States, that produce one and half times the amount of food needed to provide for everyone, yet 1 in 7 continue to go hungry (Green Peace, 2013) Why does this happen? Money is the answer. When food is plentiful, one still needs money to purchase the foods; the poor automatically go without. For now the issue involving hunger in the U.S. is related to money but, as stated earlier, that may ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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African hunger well as unfavorable climatic conditions among others, much needs to be done to alleviate the great sufferings that the natives face due to the problem. While many discussions revolving around this issue would be developed to address various issues as pertains to alleviating hunger in Africa, this paper has special attention on the role of climate change in lowering agricultural production within the African nations. This topic takes centre stage among many countries development agenda because food sufficiency forms the basis of development in all countries. In particular, my interest in the topic emanates from the interest that the UN shows when it focuses on alleviating the levels of hunger by 2015...
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...that is the leading cause of hunger. The general infrastructure includes a solid road system, warehouses and good irrigation systems and the lack of these causes an increase in transport expenses, deficient facilities for storing and poor water supplies. This limits the average farming produce and hence results in a lower amount of food being available. Considering the major problems, the answer to hunger is building reliable systems of energy, effective means of transportation and communication. This would provide incentives to the potential investors and hence result in generation of capital in the developing nations. Economic growth is possible by the investments coming from the private sector....
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... 6% variation in eating behaviours. However, there was a large effect of weight with full or empty stomach conditions on eating behaviours as weight with empty and full stomach conditions explains about 25% and 57% variation, respectively in eating behaviours. This partially supports the Schechter study that people who are overweight tend to eat regardless of whether or not they are hungry that is overweight individuals do not respond to their internal, biological signals of hunger in the same way that normal weight and underweight people do. The reason for this that it is not true for the case of empty stomach condition of individuals. The limitation of this study is that it is not clear whether participants actually fasted for 12 hours...
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..., Chen and Ravallion, beginning from 1992, it was approximated that almost a third of all hunger stricken regions and countries were undergoing ethnic or community clashes or civil wars. The moment the population of a country is in internal or external conflict, they are unable to get involved with maintainable food production and other activities that boost the economy. This way, wars end in destruction of property and foodstuffs. This article focuses on studies that have proven America’s stand in lack of involvement with hunger in most underdeveloped states. Maddocks, “Steven World Hunger”. New Jersey: Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2004. Print World hunger cannot be blamed on a single country or parameter. Nevertheless, Maddocks argues out...
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...situation for all parties involved. This would also prove how a person’s duty to himself or herself affects how these people think, as well as how well they would be able to let go of their selves and start thinking about the welfare of others (Troyer 50). The story of The Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins in 2008 is one of the most popular yet brutal stories that have come out of the market for young readers. This book is the first installment of a trilogy of books which includes Catching Fire and Mockingjay. It tells the story of a young, feisty girl named Katniss Everdeen, and her struggles to preserve herself and her beliefs in the midst of a violent death match being held in an artificial woods, while being...
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The Plan to Eradicate Hunger in the Congo

... from the British in the year 1980, and this is exactly the main factor for food crisis. Weak economical situation in Congo brings about less than 30 per cent of employment as a result of which, hunger expands in the country and more people live in extreme poverty (IRIN, 2008). 5.5 billion dollars as dept on the Congo government to be paid to other countries, this goes to show how fragile the Congo government is. According to the same source, irregular and delays in dept payment led some countries to stop trade with the Congo government. Many areas in Congo receive less rain than before which results in less food production (Care, n.d). For instance, maize, which is the stable food in Congo, harvests declined by one third...
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... crisis are West Africa, South Sudan, East Africa, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Mauritania, Chad, Senegal etc (“Fighting Hunger in Africa”). Currently, Africa is still suffering from this kind of crisis among its people and is still having difficulty in resolving this never ending issue. Thus, this paper aims to discuss the hunger in Africa and the major causes on why until now the countries in this continent still starve to death. However, due to the wide scope of the topic hunger in Africa, this paper only limit to the effects of hunger among children. Hunger in Africa Hunger can cause series of health problems and nutritional deficiencies if a person failed to eat sufficient amount of food intake in a daily basis. These mainly include...
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The Worlds Hunger and Malnutrition Problems

.... Scientifically, some of these traits include the ability of the plant to resist pests, diseases, or environmental conditions (Webb & Whitney, 2006). The science of genetically modified crops helps to improve the nutrient of the crop as well as a reduction in the crop spoilage. The inability of indigenous crops to yield sufficient food capable of mitigating world hunger comes from above challenges that so easily have faced extinction in the wake of genetic engineering (Scott, 2006). To the advantage of many farmers, the genetically modified science revolves around the crops they often use in farms. Because of the high regulatory and research costs, the majority of genetically modified crops in agriculture consists of...
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