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Geography - Assignment Example

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Recently, the entire world has been laying emphasis to the unpaid internship and considers it as the first step or the key towards employment. In such context, Zane Schwartz’s article on ‘The Globe and Mail’ addresses the intricacies and complexities that the society, as a composite structure, is going to face due to the increasing trend of the unpaid internship within the global plethora. …
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Assignment Geography
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Extract of sample "Geography"

Assignment Geography Article Unpaid Internships are Just Wrong Introduction Recently, the entire world has been laying emphasis to the unpaid internship and considers it as the first step or the key towards employment. In such context, Zane Schwartz’s article on ‘The Globe and Mail’ addresses the intricacies and complexities that the society, as a composite structure, is going to face due to the increasing trend of the unpaid internship within the global plethora. The trend of unpaid internship is more prevalent in the sectors like politics, technology, journalism and fashion. The article thus focuses on the bizarre scenario operating within the industries demanding the unpaid labor of considerable amount over a considerable span of time. And the predicament of the unpaid personnel in these sectors also finds enough expression in the essay where it has been quintessentially mentioned that the time, when the unpaid labor reaches the point of getting paid adequately for his or her expertise, there are already huge professional as juniors in the industry who have received the status of unpaid intern. Summary The potent issue focused within the article hinges on the fact that unpaid internship might be quite beneficial for the individuals who are young. It also highlights that these young individuals possess the ability of becoming a very good and attractive entrepreneur as they are able to procure skilled and free labor. But this system is very bad and sluggish for the entire society as a comprehensive unit. As often argued by theorists, the trend of unpaid internship is screwing the job market (Matthews, 2013; Paton, 2013). Arguably, the professionals who are wealthier and would be able to afford unpaid internship, gets more privilege in the job market rather than the professionals who are skilled but are in dire and just need of money. The article also focuses on the most intrigued part of the entire recruitment scenario where most of the students and interns join up free internship with a hope of not getting money at the end of their service, but a promised employer at least, which the campus recruitment generally fails to provide them with the desired opportunities after a long drawn tenure of unpaid internship. The article also focuses on both the sides of the issue where the positive side of the internship is also upheld. Internships, as the article envisages, paves the way for the glittering opportunities, which provide a better real life job experience and first-hand expertise to pass through the transition phase form school days to work. First-hand knowledge about various complexities of the industry, which the fresher likely hope to enter, is also developed through the internship phase. The article concludes with the insight that most of the unpaid jobs are illegal; they encourage immorality and most importantly, are damaging the growth and health of the economy to a great extent. The various case studies presented with concrete statistical data mentioned within the article further focuses on the fact recurrently that unpaid internship is not most rewarding and wanted scenario across the world. There are only a small percentage of the pupils in the social demographic structure that would be able to afford unpaid internship. Therefore, it is most likely that the duty of the government to take the initiatives and enforce laws, which can check the over ambitious pursuits of the unscrupulous entrepreneurs and save the young generation from falling into the hands of these organizations who take the undue advantage of the young minds, are under transition phase between education and work. Critical Response and Analysis The arguments provided in the article have many dimensions. Many facets of the article are well documented and supported with adequate statistics to suffice the contention it puts forward regarding the melting of the global economy and the distress brought in it through the unpaid hiring rigorously. The sectors highlighted within the article, which hires unpaid labor as interns and exploits more people, are quite true to the global scenario as well (Matthews, 2013). At the same plane, the aspects highlighted in the article, regarding the positive influence of unpaid labor is quite acceptable and the first-hand knowledge gained by the skilled professionals before entering into various industries are also mentioned quite correctly (Paton, 2013). The concept of auctioning off of the internships and the hope of the young men who are sustaining on the hope of procuring a job after the internship through a hiring seems to be the fundamental part of the entire debatable scenario, which could recover the distressing global situation to some extent. The intrusion of the legislation for protecting the rights of the young people who fall prey to the unscrupulous unpaid hiring of the organization deserves a rightful mention within the article. And it is quite true that a collaborative framework between legislation and the management of various organizations can only ensure the rights of the people seeking job. References Matthews, D. (2013). Are unpaid internships illegal? Retrieved from Paton, G. (2013). Employers warned against giving jobs to unpaid interns. Retrieved from Schwartz, Z. (2013). Unpaid internships are just wrong. Retrieved from Read More
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