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The position of China on Energy and Environmental Sustainability Scale Name Institution The position of China on Energy and Environmental Sustainability Scale The evolution of the world has been accompanied by various developments, thanks to the globalization processes…
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Download file to see previous pages China has become so popular that it is a subject of discussion in the social, economic and political debates. One of the subjects has pertained to the position of china in regard to sustainability. This paper seeks to evaluate the position of china in regard to energy and environmental sustainability. It had been initially argued that the world was transforming to the positive. Dramatic industrialization, urbanization and strive for economic stability among countries and regions were conspicuously cited as evidences of trending development. However, it was not until the recent decades that these perceptions shifted. This was majorly triggered concerns for the environment. The dominant view has been that sustainable development is never achievable without environmental conservation and management. Indeed, the same view has dominated the energy subject; that countries that are concerned about realizing sustainable development must not only diversify energy resources, but also limit demand and consumption while pursuing green energy. Undoubtedly, this should also be considered as the premise of evaluating China’s economic development. In this evaluation, understanding the state of China’s energy consumption is crucial in understanding how critical the energy situation is. It is also pivotal in offering information about the future trend. The rest of the question only leads in comprehensive determination of the criticality of the energy demand and consumption, especially considering that energy issue cannot be addressed effectively explored when limited within the China’s border. If the situations happen to be critical and China’s policies are well informed by the decisions that reflect the criticality, the inference would be that China is fit to reach great heights of success. The Economic state of China, Energy demand and Consumption China has become so popular that it is a subject of discussion in the social, economic and political debates. It was the center stage of the 2006 Davos Economic Forum discussions. Within that period, as significant as 50 percent of the global leaders visited china (Yin & David, 2006). Even as the West views China as an obstruction environmental sustainability, it may seem that China’s upward economic trend may be limited by the dynamics in the global energy supply and consumption. Accounting for a population of as significant as 1.4 billion people and realizing development at a rate of over 8 percent, as from 1970, the energy demand and consumption for China has been surging. This has been necessitated by the expansion of commercial, as well as industrial sectors. The impact of rising living standards of households on energy demand and consumption can also not be overlooked. In the last decade, China was considered as the second largest energy product consumer, coming after the United States of America. It has now overtaken United States (Swartz & Shai, 2010). The country consumes over 1.7 billions of coal tonnage (Rubin, 2012). China accounted for as significant as 32 percent of the global cola consumption, 11 percent of hydro-electric power consumption, 8 percent of global oil consumption and 1 percent of the global gas consumption, in 2003. This energy consumption is obviously enormous. Even intriguing is the fact that the share of energy consumption ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Optional Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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