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Instructor Date Climate in Dubai Introduction Countries situated along the subtropics geographic climatic zones generally exhibits dry and hot conditions throughout the year. Dubai city is a city along side the tropic of cancer and tropic of Capricorn and parallel to both hemispheres…
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Article/Book Review
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Climate in Dubai Introduction Countries situated along the subtropics geographic climatic zones generally exhibits dry and hot conditions throughout the year. Dubai city is a city along side the tropic of cancer and tropic of Capricorn and parallel to both hemispheres. Dubai however, exhibits desert condition due to its position. However, being situated along the subtropics, the city experiences development of subtropical ridge that has wet season with less rainfall. Climate in Dubai Dubai is a country that exists within desert climate condition with extremely high summers that are dry, hot, and very dry. The country exhibits sunny days throughout the year of approximately a temperature of 48.5-Celsius degree. Winters in this country is short and mild and therefore the condition of the weather here is extremely determined by the summer. Dubai is one of the tropical desert climatic countries due to its location since; this country is found in the northern desert belt. Rainfall statistics shows that this country exhibits short and irregular rainfall. However, weather conditions in December, and March remains warm (Weather This are the most preferred months by most citizens and tourists because of the comfortable and conducive climatic conditions. The strategic position of Dubai being near the line of the Tropic of Cancer, has led to this country to exhibit warm and sunny climate with night being cool throughout the entire year. Summer Season In Dubai, summer starts in the month of July and lasts until the month of September. This season exhibits extreme warm and humidity as the temperature climb up to 48-Celsius degree. The humidity however, fluctuates in between 80-90 percentage and sandstorms are therefore evident within the whole city at this moment. The Sandstorms however, starts to hit the city of Dubai as from may to early July. It is therefore established that climate in Dubai during summer season is worst and many people as well as the tourists prefer not to travel in this city. Others prefer to stay on long holidays abroad to avoid this prevailing weather condition ( Winter Season This season usually starts in the months of January to March whereby the city of Dubai remains comfortable with moderate conditions that usually attracts tourists around the globe. Temperature level reach utmost 30-Celsius degree during this season and it is at these times that people within this country witnesses the sun for more than eight hours a day. This country however, experiences rainy season that comes throughout the year of November and December respectively. During these two months, the city of Dubai however, experiences a minimal temperature of 20 degree Celsius. The temperature at times goes up to 30 degree centigrade with an average rainfall of only 12 cm per year. However, the aspect of rainfall appearance in this city is rear and it only last for a few minutes while raining (DubaiGuru.Org). Clothing in the city of Dubai is important because everyone has to clothe in regards to the prevailing environment. Each one is therefore expected to drink enough water at all times while in Dubai to get rid of dehydration facet. In the issue of dressing, one is expected to wear correct sun cream that usually protect ones skin against the high rays of sun that affects the skin ( The entire humidity condition in Dubai is characterized by hot, humid summers and cool winters due to the strategic position of the city. The city is situated on the tropical zone within the hemisphere and exhibit desert like condition. Due to this, there is variation in winter and summer seasons with fluctuation in humidity as well as the entire temperature. During winter season, temperature level reach utmost 30-Celsius degree and it is at these times that people within this country experience extreme hot days ( Summarily, In Dubai climate is either hot or cool depending on the months of the year. The humidity fluctuates between 80-90 percentage and sandstorms are evident within the whole city at this moment. Further, one is expected to wear proper sun cream that keeps one away from the hot rays of the sun. One is expected to drink a lot of water at all times to avoid dehydration aspect. Works Cited Climate and Weather of Dubai. Web. 11 April 2013. Downpour continues as Dubai receives record rainfall. Web. 11 April 2013. Moderate sandstorm reaches Dubai. Web. 11 April 2013. World Weather Online. Dubai Weather, United Arab Emirates Weather Averages. Web. 11 April 2013. Weather Travel. Com. Dubai Climate. Web. 11 April 2013. Read More
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Article/Book Review Book Report/ Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Article/Book Review Book Report/ Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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