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Instructor Date Research Proposal: Cost of Private Education and Scholarships Problem Statement Scott Asen brings to a light a situation that has not been considered by many people in the society with regard to private education and that is the actual cost of running such institutions compared to the fees that is paid by the students who attend them (Asen)…
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Developing a Research Proposal
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Download file to see previous pages This brings about the question on whether the scholarships offered by these private schools should be reduced or eliminated altogether as a means of reducing the already overwhelming costs that they are faced with. Though this may seem like a harsh action, it may be a necessary move in a bid to reduce the sizable gap that the schools are faced with as a result of unbalanced books, and it may be an effective of ensuring the schools are not faced with the risk of closure. Based on this issue, a research hypothesis can therefore be developed to determine whether the above mentioned action would be an appropriate move by the private school sector. The hypothesis would be, Scholarships offered by private schools play a big role in widening the gap faced by these institutions. Through studying the effect that scholarships have on a private school’s budget, one is able to determine whether their elimination would play a vital part in reducing the deficit that the institutions usually remain with. Literature Review The issue of scholarships can be considered under the basis of a social responsibility that the private school sector has to the community within which they are based. Despite the fact that there is a deficit in the budget of many of the private schools’ budgets that is not covered by the fees that is paid by their students, the amount of money paid out to them is still significantly higher than that paid in public school meaning many individuals are not able to afford it. Scholarships can be regarded as a means of providing gifted children with a means of attaining quality education despite their financial status and thus their elimination cannot be considered lightheartedly. There are various scholarships that exist categorized depending on how they are issued. Some of the more popular ones include sports and academic scholarships with the former being given on the basis of an individual’s athletic ability. Eradicating scholarships form the private schools’ program may come off as bias as this would mean that only students form financially well off families would be able to afford the education offered by these institutions and would effectively shut out the individuals in lower economic classes. However, the gap that these institutions face cannot be ignored as well as this may lead to an economic downturn that may result in these schools shutting down. Thus, a solution needs to be arrived at that will allow for both the continued existence of scholarships as well as finding effective means of subsidizing the deficit that is faced by the schools. Research Design, Research Method and Sample Selection The research design chosen to deal with this topic should be in accordance to the nature of the study in order to ensure the most accurate results are obtained (Hancke 101). The most appropriate design in this case would be descriptive such as the conduction of a Case study on the matter. This is because of the nature of a case study that allows one to study a single unit in relation to the perspective in which it is placed in (Hancke 98). The single unit in this case would be the private education system and the context would be the cost of operating that is involved in these institutions. The research method that would be used to conduct the research would be the conduction of interviews as well as the collection of the financial information of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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