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Catalonia - Term Paper Example

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Catalonia Geography of Catalonia The nationality known as Catalonia is an autonomous community of Spain, and consists of four provinces, which are Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, and Tarragona. There is also a fifth region, Andorra, which is a small country that is dominated by both Spain and France…
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Download file to see previous pages The climate of Catalonia varies depending on the location, such as the areas along the coast, the inland, up in the mountains, or within the valleys. In the provinces on the edge of the coast and part of inland Barcelona, the climate is subtropic with hot and dry summers of around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and cold winters, though it gets colder the closer to the shore the province is. The rest of inland Catalonia is hotter in the summer than in other locations, reaching temperatures as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and cooler during the nights. In these regions, Catalonia gets the majority of its rainfall during spring and autumn. The valleys, however, with their oceanic climate, have their wettest season in summer, and often experiences freezing rain and subzero temperatures during the winter months. Throughout the year, snow is a common occurrence in the Pyrenees mountains. Catalonia’s flora and fauna is considered to be among the most incredible throughout Spain. Catalonia, Barcelona specifically, contains sixty unique parks, with a combined total of 140 different trees, including figs, cypresses, and cedars, which are common to the Mediterranean. Despite the wonders found in the parks of Barcelona, the mountains of Catalonia is where the majestic beauty of nature truly flourishes. “With beechwood and evergreen oak forests, extraordinary rock formations, glacial lakes and thousands of plant species, the Catalan Pyrenees are one of Europe’s greatest natural wonders (Shubert, 1992).” In the spring, the meadows of the Pyrenees are covered with pheasant’s eye narcissi, fritillaries, jasmine, trumpet gentians, and Pyrenean hyacinths. The autumn season is graced with red and gold Montpellier maples and downy oaks, and the meadows are then spotted with crocuses and purple merendera. Come winter, the Pyrenees is decorated with irises and orchids. Vall d’Aran displays these floral delights year round, and Augues Tortes is home to the lake of Sant Maurici and forests fit to burst with Scots pine and silver fur. Catalonia is considered to have “a greater diversity of wildlife than any other region of Spain (Williams, 1994).” In the Pyrenees, one can find the marmot, which is a large rodent, the goat-like isard, or wild boar as they sniff out truffles. Other present creatures include badgers, otters, and ibex. While they are difficult to find, many having just been reintroduced into the wild, Catalonia is also home to the Iberian lynx and various bears and wolves. In the mountains, the rivers and meadows are teeming with the Pyrenean brook salamander, the painted frog, asps, and a unique variety of dragonflies and butterflies, as well as the giant peacock moth, which is Europe’s largest insect. Located alongside the Mediterranean Sea, Catalonia has a variety of rivers and lakes that are fed from the sea. The main rivers that connect with the Mediterranean Sea are the Ebre, Llobregat, and the Ter. There are two primary basins in Catalonia, Ebro and the main “one that comprises the internal basins of Catalonia (White & Aviva, 2010)”, all of which flow into the Mediterranean. There is also the Garona river basin that meets with the Atlantic Ocean, but it takes up an insignificant portion of land. Though there are small lakes spotted throughout Catalonia, the majority of them can be found in the Pyrenees, with the largest being Banyoles, a remnant of the ice age. Catalonia’s History Before Catalonia became the Catalonia we know today, it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Catalonia Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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