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Examining Local Solutions - Research Paper Example

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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Examining Local Solutions Introduction Sustainable development and quality of life in Toronto have been a major issue in the past three decades. In this regard, measures to foster Brownfield sites have been welcome by the larger community…
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Examining Local Solutions
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Extract of sample "Examining Local Solutions"

Download file to see previous pages In regard to Toronto city, these sites are considered to be the contaminated sites, which appear to be so because of previous land-use activities, which among other things involves, waste disposal and manufacturing (Adkin 65). This problem has been extensive in Toronto due to gradual, but steady increase of industries in the urban center. Due to this fact, there have been efforts to transfer industries in the outcasts of the city. As a result, there have been vacant industry sites, which poses a great threat to environmental and health hazards to city dwellers. In light with these deliberations, it is apparent that the effort to develop the brown fields in Toronto is for the good course of solving some underlying problems associated wit h these sites. Some of these sites risks safety of people living around these areas. For example, it is obvious that some of these sites contain empty or uncovered construction grounds, which poses a risk of people being hurt as they pass by these sites. The most at risk are children who are fond of playing in such grounds. Due to constructions that took place before the sites have been vacated, it is apparent that such constructions interferes with landscapes. This may cause soil erosion, and which consequently may lead to formation of gullies and eventually land slides (Todd 28). Abandoned sites also pose a threat of health hazards to people leaving in the neighborhood. For example, these sites may contain bushy grounds, which can attract hiding sites for mosquitoes. The sites may also contain grounds that act as mosquito breeding grounds. Mosquitoes cause malaria, which a fatal disease. It is also argued that people tend to stigmatize such sites. They consider them unpleasant for human beings, thus stigmatizing them. However, if these sites can effectively be developed, they can benefit both the government and people living around these areas. For example, if there could be measures to rehabilitate or develop these sites, the government can earn some revenue from them (Tomalty Para 6). Some of the ways through which government can develop these sites is through constructing social amenities, which can help improve the lives of the city dwellers. The government can also set up various government offices which can be used to facilitate government operation within the city. This would reduce congestion of some offices in the city, this enhancement of service delivery to the citizens. The private sector can also be allowed to develop these sites. This can allow the government to collect taxes from such developments, thus earning some revenue (Melissa and Erica Para 3). Additionally or alternatively, these sites can be put under greening programs. This involves planting of trees and other vegetation which help preserve the environment. Since the city is filled with much of carbon emissions mostly emanating from automobile, making such sites go green would help solve the problem of carbon emission. Vegetation helps absolve carbon dioxide and in return produces oxygen, which is healthy for human beings. Rationale for possible solutions The issue of brown fields affects people in the surrounding and the whole society in one way or another. Therefore, it is apparent that civil society involvement would be the best option in the effort to develop and solve problems associated with these sites (Heynen, Kaika and Swyngedouw 53). This is arguably true because when these ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Examining Local Solutions Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Examining Local Solutions Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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