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Weather & Climate data for Hawaii - Research Paper Example

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The State of Hawaii has a very intriguing climate and weather patterns that make it unique besides the negative effects that it encounters, especially occasional storm episodes.
The storms normally hit the islands where they yield to immense life loss and property destruction…
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Weather & Climate data for Hawaii
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Extract of sample "Weather & Climate data for Hawaii"

Download file to see previous pages The State of Hawaii has a very intriguing climate and weather patterns that make it unique besides the negative effects that it encounters, especially occasional storm episodes.The storms normally hit the islands where they yield to immense life loss and property destruction. The state has two distinct seasons that characterize its weather pattern commonly known as Kau (summer) from May to October and Ho'oilo (winter) from November to April. Its location is at the south Tropic of Cancer, which implies that it experiences intense sun that result in sunburns. An exposure of 20 minutes is enough for serious sunburn that may be severe especially when it recurs. This is evident especially in the warmest month of August and September which temperatures may rise probably to 890F, for instance, in Honolulu. However, heat in this state ranges with altitude where heading towards the Mt. Waialeale, the effects are rarely experienced, which is similar to rainfall pattern. Besides having two distinct weather seasons, Hawaii’s day climate trend is unpredictable, hence localized, where two regions can have diverse weather patterns at the same instant. Hawaii climate normally varies divergently across its islands. Therefore, they do experience varying solar radiations at assorted times throughout the year. All other aspects that comprise its climate pattern normally rely on solar radiation, especially the duration exposure. This, besides altering weather aspects like rainfall, may also have adverse impacts like sunburns that are evident mostly in the months of August and September (Villinger 86). Mainly, this is when temperatures are high, specifically at 890F. Hawaiian daily prediction states that it experiences high temperatures mainly in the afternoon characterized by low humidity. This is evident in Fig.1 where, according to the graph, high humidity is in the morning periods, but in the afternoon, it tends to reduce. So, solar radiation normally heats the earth’s surface plus the air, making the air become dry, hence eliminating high quantity of humidity (Pao-Shin, Chen Ying, and Schroeder 4889). In addition, the ocean trade winds also contribute to increasing humidity of the Hawaiian climate. Alternatively, Hawaii, compared to other states, has high humidity, especially when it experiences intense trade winds. For instance, tourists or people from hotter states, when they alight at the airport, experience chilling on their skins, ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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