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Personal Safety in Kensington - Essay Example

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1 Introduction 1.1 This report specifically looks at a survey of individual levels of safety as well as victimisation that was experienced by the visitors to Kingston town center in 2011 February. According to the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames Partnership plan 2008/11 (2008) every person who goes to Kensington or who resides in this area should always be safe…
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Personal Safety in Kensington
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Extract of sample "Personal Safety in Kensington"

Download file to see previous pages As such fear of being a victim of a less serious crime has significantly contributed to behaviour change in residents of Kingston. 2,2 The Crime and Disorder Act of 1988 and The Police Reform Act of 2002 vested power and responsibility within the police force to work hand in hand with other agencies in a bid to develop a three year strategy that was meant to promote safety in the communities (Home Office, 2004). The need to monitor levels of public concern was also increased after the introduction of the Licensing Act 2003, Anti Social Behaviour Act 2004 and Government Strategy for reduction of Harm 2004. An emphasis on the need to strengthen the monitoring challenges arising for new anti social behaviour is found in A New Partnership 2008 -2011 (Home Office, 2008) in conjunction with the studies that were suggested by Kingston police as well as community members. 2.3 The Police and Justice Act 2006 resulted in the amendment of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 prioritises the aspect of partnerships where a Strategy Group with a certain level of membership is responsible for undertaking strategic assessments on a yearly basis. The issues of concern which are identified through this strategic assessment are put forward in a three year Strategic Plan. The Partnership Plan is comprised of the following aspects: crime and disorder reduction strategy, dealing with unwanted elements of misuse are some of the elements earmarked to be covered by the Partnership Plan over the period of three years. Thus, according to the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames Partnership plan 2008/11, there are six areas which are given prominence and these include the following: misuse of alcohol, misuse of drugs, unbecoming behaviour, violence against others, domestic violence, crime related to hate as well as crime committed by youths. 2.4 The use of CCTV across the United Kingdom has been adopted as a strategy to fight crime since these are used to monitor the events obtaining on the ground. Thus, in May 1998, Kensington introduced a centralised CCTV from a controlled center and this system has been extended to the other communities in the neighbourhood and the cameras are used to cover the shopping centers as well as railway stations (Lazell, 2009). 2.5 Since 1998 when the first Kingston Thames Crime audit was unveiled, this objective was attained through constant surveillance of the town center as well as district offices. The study links with surveillance programmes and it looks at the changes in the perceptions of the people about their concerns for safety in Kingston in 2012 February. Target population and survey design 3.1 A study about personal safety in Kensington was conducted on 17 February 2012 and 24 February 2012 by the Kingston University’s Students from the School of Social sciences (Herrick, 2012). Just like in previous years, quota samples were drawn on the basis of people who are more vulnerable to attacks such as the elderly, cyclists, pre-schoolchildren, disabled people, minority groups as well as the ordinary members of the public. The questionnaires were used to measure levels of concern of safety by individuals compared to recorded cases of victimisation. The victims of crime were also asked to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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