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Earth's Lithosphere - Essay Example

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Greenhouse Effects and Global Warming Institution Date Abstract There have been ceaseless cries of environmental depletion all the world. Water shortage has become a familiar tragedy to the inhabitants of earth. Hunger and famine have crouched in many nations with unsuccessful attempts to handle the situations…
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Earths Lithosphere
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Extract of sample "Earth's Lithosphere"

Download file to see previous pages All these calamities are associated with changes in climatic conditions across the world. Scientists have not rested in imploring the cause and the solutions of these tragedies. For that case, this paper will discuss the concepts of greenhouse effect and global warming and their collective effects on the climate of the world. The paper will also pay specific focus to Wabash watershed and longitudinal effects of greenhouse and global warming on this surrounding. Introduction Greenhouse effect refers to a situation whereby temperatures of the earth increases due to reflection of terrestrial radiation by green gases found in the atmosphere. Global warming refers to the increase in earth’s temperature occasioned by the accumulated heat on the atmosphere of the earth. Greenhouse effect and global warning are interdependent considering that global warming occurs as a result of greenhouse effect. When the greenhouse gases reflect back terrestrial radiation on the atmosphere of the earth, the surface of the earth gets warmed more rapidly there increasing environmental temperature. Greenhouse effect in line with global warming has caused unrest among the scientists to the potential threats that are related tom the two environmental principles. Scientists have since discovered those long-term greenhouse effects will insurrect the temperatures of the earth thereby resulting to unfavorable climatic changes. In the views of Oxlade (2006), greenhouse effect is caused by the presence of particular natural green gases in the atmosphere of the earth. Scientists discoveries unveils that the presence of the natural green gases (carbon dioxide and water vapor) in the atmosphere is significant to the relative temperatures of the earth. The natural green gases are the ones that trap terrestrial radiation in mild form, which in turn maintains the temperatures of the earth. Absence of such gases in the atmosphere would result to low temperatures that would be insignificant to life of human beings and other organisms (Oxlade, 2006). However, the main bone of contention and center of controversies arises from the increase in volume of these gases in the atmosphere and the associated risks. Maslin (2007) ascertains that human activities since the beginning of industrial revolution have escalated the volume of the gases in the atmosphere, which in turn has resulted into global warming. According to Maslin (2007), human activities that involve burning of carbon fuels have tragically increased the concentration of carbon dioxide and other gases like nitrogen dioxide in the atmosphere. Maslin (2007) elucidates that accumulation of these gases in the atmosphere and their merger with atmospheric moisture has resulted into the formation of perceived partial blanket that reflects back long wave radiation from the surface of the earth. Excess accumulation of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has also contributed into depletion of the ozone layer that made of three elements of oxygen gas responsible for the absorption of toxic solar radiation. Oxlade (2006) demonstrates that increased rate of deforestation has is one of the uncontrolled human activities that have led to increased levels of chlorofluorocarbons in the atmosphere. It is scientifically approved that trees and green vegetations found on the surface of earth play a critical in the absorption of carbon dioxide gases. Depletion of trees and natural vegetations will therefore lead to ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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“Earth'S Lithosphere Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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