Field placement Report : Fieldwork Practice Report demonstrating evidence of meeting the National Occupation Standard of youth - Essay Example

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Topic: Field Placement Report: Fieldwork Practice Report demonstrating evidence of meeting the National Occupation Standard of youth work ( NOS) A) Engaging in the development and promotion of equality and diversity intervention to safeguard peoples interest  B) Contribute to the development and implementation of youth work strategies and intervention  C) Develop leadership and management skills in line with the ethical principles of youth work and ECM(Every Child Matters)  The focus of this report is to describe my field placement experiences with evidence meeting the National Occupation Standard…
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Field placement Report : Fieldwork Practice Report demonstrating evidence of meeting the National Occupation Standard of youth
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Download file to see previous pages It is dedicated to breaking down isolation and combating alienation and despair amongst young refugees by supporting opportunities for their development. The organisation aims at creating an environment of friendship and belonging in which young refugees can gain strength and power, collectively and as individuals, through creative learning. To enable this programmes are designed and constructed according to a flexible structure within which young refugees engaging with the organisation can find a level of engagement that they are comfortable with. The tiers of involvement are broadly at three levels: • Food, fun and friendship: the foundation of the organisations work is the creation of a community and an environment where people can meet, make friends and have new experiences. • Leadership development: the organisation looks to create opportunities to help young people to develop new confidence and new skills through active engagement in, and leadership of specific activities and projects.  • Action to bring change: drawing on young people’s experiences the organisation supports action to bring change, create a space for young people to investigate the issues that affect their lives and push for change, often in creative ways.   Promotion of Equality and Diversity.  During my work placement with Refugee Youth I took an active part in coordinating and working alongside leaders on different activities and projects in the organisation. One example is the world remix Project which creates an inclusive environment for young people through activities and workshops. It is an on going project on Thursdays, with different activities including, cooking, games, drama, drumming, poetry, music and dance. It covered 2.31 and 2.32. The aim of this project is to create a space where young refugees can find a sense of belonging, build relations and friendship, share and explore culture and build their confidence and self-esteem, irrespective of their age, sex, religion, cultural backgrounds or status. The project aims to promote equality of opportunity and diversity for young people, and a culture that safeguards their welfare. Youth work builds emotional resilience, judgement and decision-making in young people. The youth work process places the young person in control of their present circumstances and their future. It supports young people to manage risk, recognising that adults cannot be there to do things on their behalf as they move into adulthood. I participated in coordinating the advocacy project which is designed to challenge prejudice about refugees and migrants, and to explore issues around racism, discrimination, prejudice, stereotyping, bulling and intimidation. The young people explore these issues using different media: films, drama, art, poetry. I also worked alongside leaders of this project to promote the positive contribution of young people, to make their voices heard and have their views taken into account. This created an atmosphere ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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