Planning Law and Development Management Assignment/A Listed Building Consent/Planning Application - Case Study Example

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Planning Permission At the outset, the documents required can be determined by keeping the objectives of the Scottish Government’s views and objectives on development. The Government seeks to preserve the value of historical monuments and thereby designates certain buildings as listed buildings in order to ensure that their historical and cultural significance is preserved…
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Planning Law and Development Management Assignment/A Listed Building Consent/Planning Application
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Download file to see previous pages Certain buildings are classed as listed buildings because they have special historical or architectural interest and as a result, need to be protected and preserved in their current state. The single storey cafe is proposed to be built on the ruins of earlier stone buildings on the site and hence listed building consent is required, because the gable onto the Grassmarket would be altered by the proposed construction, which would also encroach into the existing garden. This kind of work on the property falls under the category of alteration or extension and would require necessary forms for permission in the Edinburgh area( A listed building application form would need to be filled out. The relevant documents which would be required are as follows: 1. Listed Building Consent/Conservation area consent application forms, because the Grassmarket area falls under the listed or specially protected category, under the provisions of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) (Scotland) Act 1997 ( 2. Planning permission forms, because the construction proposes to add an entrance post with a canopy and signs. 3. A site plan for the property, on a 1/1250 or 1/2500 scale, to indicate how much area will be taken up by the construction and whether it changes the basic character of the site which is listed under Category B of being of regional or more than local importance and thus a notable example of a particular period or style ( 4. A detailed description of the proposed alterations/construction that is proposed and the estimated impact upon the value of the property or the setting of the existing building or ruins. This is pursuant to the EIA (Environmental Assessment Impact) Directive, which in turn derive from the Council Directive no: 85/337/EEC. The objective of this Directive is to assess the impact of any kind of construction project on the environment. 5. A scale drawing, which shows the existing situation of the listed area, together with the changes that will be brought about to the detailed drawing by the institution of the proposed plan for development. The drawings in question must contain information such as the building elevations as well as other details such as floor plans. These are to provide more detailed specifications about the construction, so that the local authority can also evaluate whether there are any aspects that could be problematic. 6. An additional form required is the advertisement consent form, because the authority will have to provide permission for the use of signs advertising the new cafe. 7. Conservation consent forms will also be required, because the construction of the entrance post with the canopy demolishes and “alters in part”, the gable onto the grassmarket ( and the entire site is located within the Old Town Conservation Area. 8. The above application forms also contain sections requiring details of the firm/agency or company that is proposing to enter into the construction of the new cafe and must provide information and contact details on all independent contractors who will be working on the project, such as plumbers, electricians and other technicians. This information would be required so that necessary action can be taken ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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