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Using G.I.S to predict coastal floods as a result of global warming in the UK - Dissertation Example

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The dissertation seeks to predict future floods that may occur at Wales because of environmental impact. The introduction will give a brief summary about the floods that happened in Wales especially around Aberystwyth…
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Using G.I.S to predict coastal floods as a result of global warming in the UK
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Extract of sample "Using G.I.S to predict coastal floods as a result of global warming in the UK"

Download file to see previous pages In 2007, united kingdom- wide flooding and recently harsh climate during autumn 2009 in Cumbria and during Winter 2010 in Cornwall. The main cause of the severe floods was believed to be combination of prolonged cyclonic frontal rainfall and summer storms during the autumn. June 2012 had the worst and severe flooding in Wales and there had never been witnessed such a large floods in United Kingdom before. The most affected rivers by the floods in the past are; Wye and lower Severn in year 2000 (during autumn 2000). Rainfall amounted to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Using G.I.S to Predict Coastal Floods As a Result of Global Warming in Dissertation”, n.d.
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