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Comparison - Essay Example

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This essay "Comparison of geology articles" discusses that even though various techniques have been undertaken to increase the oil reserves as depicted in the articles, oil producing companies should initiate proper transportation system to avoid losing their costly exploited oil…
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Extract of sample "Comparison"

Download file to see previous pages This approach advocates for the natural process in order to remove harmful chemicals from the affected regions. During this process, microbes that are artificially prepared or naturally available consume the hydrocarbon that is found in the affected mixture of petroleum and water. This article depicts Traditional gas chromatographs and Modern GCxGC as two approaches to understanding the chemical composition of the spilled fuel. Even though the technology was effective in demarcating some harmful chemical components in an oil sample, it is incapable of resolving minute chemical components of the oil sample. Modern GCxGC is effective as compared to the Traditional gas chromatographs in that it is able to delineate various compounds found in the oil sample regardless of their sizes. Even though Florida spill occurred more than three decades ago, the area is still affected. According to the studies done by scientists, microbes are not consuming the compounds found in the remaining oil spill. Some of the reasons that might have caused lack of consumption by the microbes including lack of oxygen in the sediments, or lack of sulfate in the environment. Sulfate is a chemical compound. In 2003, another spill occurred in Buzzards Bay where more than 98,000 gallons of No. 6 fuel was spilled.Various researchers including Bob Nelson collected the samples for analyses. The results from the analysts indicated that major compounds of the oil spill evaporated, degraded by microbes or were water washed....
Robot submarines The robot submarines that were controlled by a remote were an additional technology that ensured petroleum that was far deep in the sea was reached. Through this technology, the flow of oil deep the sea can be regulated. In the same way, through complex machines that are installed by the robot submarines are able to prevent the freezing of natural gas. It is important to note that through the use of this technology, 10 biggest oil producing companies have increased their oil reserves by 5% (Roger 6). Conclusion Based on the above analyses, it is vital to note that the role of technology in the oil extraction cannot be overlooked. The emulation of the four technologies that include 4-D approach, injection of steam and carbon dioxide, use of remote controlled robot submarines and directional drilling has resulted to an increase of oil production by more than 20% in the year 2010.This article is interesting in that it indicates how the technology in the oil extraction process is significance in increasing the global oil reserves. Due to the recent global fuel crises, companies should emulate modern technology to diversify their oil reserves as a major step to curd the current shortage that has resulted to global high fuel prices and inflation. Article on oil in our costal back yard This article covers on the awful effects of oil spills that have been experienced in various parts of the world. One of the major oil spills that triggered the interest of scientists such as George Hampson and Howard Sanders occurred at Cape Cod in 1969 (Christopher 1). During that time No. 2 oil whose capacity was 189, gallons were spilt. The rocky and narrow water ways are the major cause of oil spills in New ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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