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Sexual Abuse of Women in the US and Saudi Arabia - Coursework Example

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This work "Sexual Abuse of Women in the US and Saudi Arabia" describes a comparison of the reactions that sexually abused women receive in two different countries namely the US and Saudi Arabia. The author focuses on the legal aspects of Saudi Arabia and the US, the examples of support care, the differences in cultures of these countries…
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Sexual Abuse of Women in the US and Saudi Arabia
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Extract of sample "Sexual Abuse of Women in the US and Saudi Arabia"

Download file to see previous pages The manner in which society acts in the incident determines the path the victim’s life will take after the trauma. The key determiner of the reaction is the culture of society. Different societies possess different cultures that have meant that they react differently to different scenarios. This has seen different societies adopt different mitigation reactions to sexual abuse of women. Specifically, a review of the reactions in the US and Saudi Arabia reveals a stark difference.

The United States is one of the most democratic nations on the planet with its constitution as well as amendments providing protection to all its victims from any infringement of their rights including sexual abuse on women. With one in every five women in the country claiming to have been a victim of sexual abuse, it was necessary for the nation to have legal measures to deal with the scourge. The Affordable Care Act allows for a comprehensive set of preventive screening and counseling services for women without payment. Victims of these acts are accorded the full protection of the law. The law allows for the victims to be treated with dignity with their mistreatment constituting a crime. It also allows the victims to be accepted into society without stigmatization or victimization. Any act that may go against this may lead to a civil suit.

The Obama administration has been specifically instrumental in the protection of students from sexual abuse against women with the White House Task Force to Protect Students From Sexual Assault coming up with the major findings that have helped the development of new and amendment of existing laws. The law also allows the use of discretion in the disclosure of the information concerned with the act. This has to do with the victim’s personal information such as her name, address, profession, etc. No amount of legal proceedings will allow the release of this information if the victim does not allow it.

The burden of proof is not relinquished to the victim with the federal government institutions partaking in all investigations that are meant to prove the case of the abuse. The institutions are meant to utilize all resources at their disposal to find out the identities of the perpetrators of these heinous acts, track them down and apprehend them for trial. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Sexual Abuse of Women in the US and Saudi Arabia Coursework, n.d.)
Sexual Abuse of Women in the US and Saudi Arabia Coursework.
(Sexual Abuse of Women in the US and Saudi Arabia Coursework)
Sexual Abuse of Women in the US and Saudi Arabia Coursework.
“Sexual Abuse of Women in the US and Saudi Arabia Coursework”.
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