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Growing a Race the Eugenic Feminism Fiction and Nelly McClung - Book Report/Review Example

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The author of this review "Growing a Race the Eugenic Feminism Fiction and Nelly McClung" touches upon the feminist movement as containing informative pieces in their chapters. Reportedly, feminism is not a new topic in most democracies, especially in Europe the United States. …
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Growing a Race the Eugenic Feminism Fiction and Nelly McClung
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Extract of sample "Growing a Race the Eugenic Feminism Fiction and Nelly McClung"

Download file to see previous pages Nellie McClung created a legacy celebrated by people all over the world to date. Nellie McClung is among the most popular individuals from the early years of the 20th Century who advocated for reforms and recognition of the rights of women2.
Cecily Deveraux put the fiction of McClung within her work on social reform’s context. She tries to compare the work that she is doing in advocating for reforms in the social setup with the work that McClung did in the past in order to communicate her desire for changes in the way the society treats women3. Deveraux explains in her book why readers should understand her work in seeking reforms as eugenic. Further, she tries to present her ideas as eugenic. Deveraux tries to sell the idea that her work is concerned with preserving the human race.
The book provides a challenge to the conventional reading of Nellie McClung’s fiction. Nellie McClung, who lived between the years of 1873 and 1951, is among the first women to promote feminism by advocating for the rights of women in eugenics where men considered women to be lesser beings compared to their male counterparts. In the past, many societies oppressed women, confining them to the status of any other property that they owned. Deveraux offers new insights in the book on the story of the pioneering feminist and celebrated author, situating her endeavors within the context of feminism that sought to bring about a racially homogenous dominion.
Deveraux, in the book, revisits the degree to which the enduring legacy of McClung of advocating for the rights of women depended on the notions of British eugenicists. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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