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The author states that the two types of research show that the belief that women world population outnumbers the male population is strictly restricted to researches conducted in Western nations. While these researches confirm that biases against the birth of female gender still exists in nations…
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Gender Bias at Birth
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It is commonly believed that the population of female is much higher than the population of males around the world. This is a myth as researches that states so have limited their findings to western nations such as US and European nations. Population of females is much lower than the population of males especially in developing nations such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and China. It is even true that even in nations where the overall population of females is on the lower end, in certain regions of these nations, the female population outnumbers the male population.
During 1990 Amartya Sen conducted a research named “More than 100 million women are missing” and figured out that there is a variation between the population of females in Western nations and Eastern nations (Sen 1). She even figured out that in nations that fall in the regions of Asia and Africa face the issue of lower birth rate of female gender than male gender. She even asserts that certain Asian nations such as Japan are experiencing women majority population while others that are less developed such as Pakistan and India experience male majority in the society. She further figured out that certain regions of India, female population is in the majority and in other regions male population is in majority. The most common reasons cited for decreased women population in Eastern nation is that Eastern nations are sexist. Amartya argues that this is not true since there are certain Eastern nations such as Japan that have a women majority. A similar research was conducted by Sucharita Sinha Mukherjee named “Women’s Empowerment and Gender Bias in the Birth and Survival of Girls in Urban India”, in this research she figured out that the previously held view that as development arises, biasness towards female birth and anti-feminists believes decline is incorrect (Mukherjee 26). The researcher figured out that census of India has failed to accurately account for females in the nation. She even figured out that even during the census of 2001 sex selection at birth still occurs. The researcher focused on discrimination at birth in the context of gender still prevails even in the fast developing urban regions of India and the previously held view that this kind of discrimination only arises in underdeveloped nations is flawed. The researcher even figured out that rich families of India prefer birth of females as this does not cause the issue of inheritance. The research even suggests that those women who are gaining education are not becoming part of the workforce and those who are part of the workforce are mostly illiterate and that may be due to lack of work opportunities for literate females.
The two researches clearly show that the belief that women world population outnumbers the male population is strictly restricted to researches conducted in Western nations. While these researches confirm that biasness against birth of female gender still exists in nations that are developing at a higher pace and the belief that developed nations do not experience this issue is flawed.
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Gender Bias at Birth Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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