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Fetishism, Transvestic Fetishism, Pedophilia, Exhibitionism, Sexual Sadism, and Masochism - Case Study Example

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The basic motive of this paper "Fetishism, Transvestic Fetishism, Pedophilia, Exhibitionism, Sexual Sadism, and Masochism" presents interviews of sexual perverts with sex therapists about how they acquired their specific tendencies, what excites them and what they think about their sexual constitution…
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Fetishism, Transvestic Fetishism, Pedophilia, Exhibitionism, Sexual Sadism, and Masochism
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Extract of sample "Fetishism, Transvestic Fetishism, Pedophilia, Exhibitionism, Sexual Sadism, and Masochism"

Download file to see previous pages Client: I have not been able to become sexually aroused without thigh-high stockings for at least nine months now. However, even before that, I would always ask my wife to wear them during intercourse. Even before I met my wife I would have fantasies about thigh-high stockings. I even had a few pairs that I would hold or rub while I masturbated. Therapist: So, even before thigh-highs were required for you to achieve sexual arousal you still preferred them? Client: Yes, very much so. Therapist: Can you remember the first time that thigh-highs got you sexually aroused? Client: About ten years ago when I was eighteen years old, my girlfriend at the time wore black thigh-high stockings during intercourse on one particular occasion. She never wore them again, and I never asked her to, but I often fantasized about that occasion. Therapist: Do you believe that this ‘obsession’ with thigh-high stockings started ten years ago? Client: Yes, I think so. My preference for them has definitely increased over time, but I think it started at that time. I have requested that nearly every sexual partner, since that girlfriend, wear thigh-highs. And, as I mentioned before, it has grown from a desire to a need. Transvestic Fetishism
Therapist: Why don’t you tell me why you’ve come here today? Client: For a while now, I have been dressing in women’s clothing. Therapist: Do you feel that you are more of a woman than a man? Client: Not at all. I am married to a wonderful woman and am proud of my masculinity. It just makes me feel good to dress like a woman. Therapist: You say that it makes you feel good to dress like a woman. Explain in more detail how you feel when you dress in women’s clothing. Client: Most of the time, dressing in women’s clothing is sexually arousing to me. At the same time, wearing women’s clothes can also make me feel calm. If I know that I have a stressful day ahead of me, cross-dressing can often calm my nerves. For example, if I have a presentation to give at work, I often wear women’s panties under my suit and tie. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Fetishism, Transvestic Fetishism, Pedophilia, Exhibitionism, Sexual Sa Case Study.
“Fetishism, Transvestic Fetishism, Pedophilia, Exhibitionism, Sexual Sa Case Study”.
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