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Violence against Women - Dissertation Example

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The aim of the dissertation "Violence against Women" is to fill the gaps in the information available on the violence perpetrated against women. It is important to explore ways of addressing partner violence, which was the most common form of violence against women…
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Violence against Women
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Extract of sample "Violence against Women"

Download file to see previous pages The violence experienced by women can take a variety of forms, and the main ones include domestic violence, sexual assault and rape, women trafficking and prostitution and sexual harassment. In some cases, the violence experienced by women can be verbal, sexual or physical in nature, but in all its forms, it violates a woman’s sense of being or the body, irrespective of ethnicity, race; country of origin or age. It is important to emphasize the fact that violence against women is a gender-based issue because it is a direct effect and consequence of the discrimination of women; it is an issue that needs to be addressed within a gender-equality framework. Globally, the problem of violence against women is a major issue of discussion, mainly because it has been found to be a major cause of physical disability, depression, and alcohol and drug abuse. The violence experienced by women has also been directly attributed to increases in social costs, including those incurred in visiting medical facilities for about double the normal times. Ellsberg and colleagues reported the findings of a multinational study done by the World Health Organization (WHO), which showed that domestic violence is a confirmed cause of ill health and a reduction in life expectancy among women globally (1165). It is very difficult to give an accurate estimate of the number of people affected by domestic violence among other forms of violence experienced by women, and this is because many cases are not reported (Wilcox 723). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Violence Against Women Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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...?Violence against women: This paper is based on a very serious issue related to male violence against women that is increasing at a fast pace day by day. This horrendous issue is among the most brutal violations of human rights and its victims are spread all over the globe. It is reported that violence against women by an intimate partner is one of the most common forms of sexual violence. A wide range of psychological, physical, and reproductive health problems result from sexual abuse and it can be practiced either by family members or authority figures. It is also a...
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...? of the of the Violence against Women Violence is the ‘exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse’. The violence against women is an act in which the feminine sex is targeted in different forms. These different forms of violence against women include rape, domestic violence, verbal abuse, psychological abuse or in the form of a mixture of some or all of the above mentioned circumstances. It is high time Women should start getting well prepared against the possible incidences of violence. Since childhood women are taught to be dependent on men for their safety and sustenance. My cousin married her boyfriend after a five year long relationship against the wishes of her family. The boy was a heavy drunkard but my cousin had... no...
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...?First Domestic and sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, sexual assault, rape, and pornography are some examples of actions that are considered violence against women. All these kinds of violence are torture to the minds of the victims. Violence against women is an individual, social and a cultural problem. But in every action that is being made by the doers particularly those that are considered “men on the streets” have reasons behind their actions. A documentary film entitled “Dreamworlds 3: Desire, Sex & Power in Music Video” is a follow up film of the documentaries Dreamworlds and Dreamworlds 2 which were written,...
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...? Violence against Women Act, Need for funding and Implications to overcome this issue Violence against Women One of the most common issues of today, amongst others, is violence against women. This subject matter will be kept under study in the following discussion. The paper will talk about the “Violence against Women Act”, the need for funding in this regard and how can we stop this problem from getting worse. Comprehending this issue is a very intricate process. It has been observed in several parts of the world, especially the Asian...
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...Violence against Women Domestic violence is an issue of international concern and has been in the public realm for a very long time. A majority of those affected are women, both married and single women as well as divorced and those separated from their partners (Peter et al, 445). Domestic violence can either be psychological or physical and affects women of all races, and social classes. Several countries developed various policies, rules and regulations in order to overcome this serious social problem or challenge (Peter et al, 445). Domestic violence against...
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...Domestic Violence Against Women Women and children are in great danger of abuse in the societies where they should receive maximum safety. Family members have lost faith upon each other because those who are to be the source of nurture have turned to be bully (Cefrey, 2008). The persons expected to nurture the members of the family and provide the necessary care and protection are becoming bully and source of threat to other member’s life. The victims of the same undergo physical and psychological suffering (Shipway, 2004). The victims are unable to make their own decisions or voice their opinions because of fear for further repercussion. They do not receive their human rights and their lives are stolen by the ever-present threat... and...
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...Violence Against Women: Suicide Violence Against Women: Suicide What factors affect this type of violence? Domestic violence is a particularly complex behavior to analyze and correct because most of its victims tend to hide their wounds and are reluctant for their friends, leave alone law enforcement authorities to know about it. This is particularly damaging to policies that are aimed at tackling this problem. In the United States alone, it is estimated that women are nine times more likely to be attacked in their homes than in the streets (Dutton, 2006). This means that...
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...Violence against Women Violence against women is term used to define and explain all the bad acts committed against women on the basis of their gender. According to the United Nations, violence against women is the process of manifesting unequal power relations between men and women. Based on this unequal power manifestation women are forced into a subordinate position in relation to men. This can be viewed on the basis on which it is committed. This is individual or state acts that outlay violence...
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...VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN Violence against Women Violence against women is a current issue in various countries worldwide anddifferent measures have been taken to curb the issue. Among the measures that have been adopted across many nations is the bystander program. The bystander program focuses on increasing awareness and promoting empathy among the victims of violence against women. The program is based on advocating for prosocial attitudes and behavior and condemning behaviors that lead violence against...
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...Violence against women Violence against women Introduction As much as the world has made significant strides in terms of globalization, civilization and advancement in technology, women continue to be trivialized through violence perpetrated against them. In essence, violence against women abbreviated as VAW is a collective term that denotes all the forms of violent acts against women across the globe. Mostly, this tends to be gender based, which normally targets women because of their...
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