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From the paper "Discussion Points about Critical Gender Studies readings" it is clear that globalization in the face of this book’s discussion has brought about a whole new change of order in the society and provided more opportunities to those who have been marginalized for so long…
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Discussion Points about Critical Gender Studies readings
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Discussion Points about Critical Gender Studies readings Globalization in the face of thisbook’s discussion has brought about a whole new change of order in the society and provided more opportunities to those who have been marginalized for so long (Lowe 120). The opening of the world has transformed the role of women as it makes their voice known as well as empowers them. This may not seem such a big deal compared to other positive effects of globalization such as making the United States not the super power nation it has always been as more countries such as China and Japan grow economically and militarily at a high rate and threaten the position of US but it is a big deal to these groups of individuals (Lowe 122).
Women in the developing nations in Africa and Asia has always been tied down by oppressive cultures but with globalization, these cultures are starting to be questioned and even disbanded as an interchange of cultures from all over the world infiltrates these nations. This has therefore brought a social revolution and new meaning to feminism as the roles of women and men not only intertwine by they are even reversed in some cases all based on cultural changes brought about by globalization (Lowe 123). The biggest question that however lingers is whether these changes will continue with their positivity and expansion and to what extent? Will they lead to negative effects and impacts to societies in the long run or are they truly a blessing and will remain that way?
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Lowe, Lisa. Globalization: Keywords for American cultural studies. New York: New York University Press, 2007. Read More
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