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The paper "How Might Traditional Views toward Women in Judaism" discusses that women now have the right to run in the elections. This leads to the incorporation of feminist ideas and respects women rights. Traditionally, this was not the case. Now, mixed seating is a legal practice…
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How Might Traditional Views toward Women in Judaism
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How might traditional views toward women in Judaism be altered in the Judaism that wishes to incorporate feminist ideas?
Judaism, like Orthodox, had strict rules and norms for women to follow traditionally. Women had a limited role to play in many important aspects of life such as politics and social life. For example, females had no seats in the political election.
However, in recent times, this has changed. The change is still under the process. The women now have a greater right and freedom.
Traditionally, women were not recognized as witnesses. However, now women have a legal right to act as a witness. In cases of divorce and marriage, the trend is to incorporate four witnesses, two being men and the other two females. This has definitely given women a greater right in the legal sense.

In conclusion, it can be said that even though the perception of women in Judaism is to grant them limited freedom. That is, for example, men do not like their women to go out and socialize a lot. However, education and awareness can change this traditional thinking. All though women have greater and almost equal rights as men, the traditional mindset needs to be altered, as this alone would give way to the incorporation of feminist ideas. Read More
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