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What Is Sex All about - Research Paper Example

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The paper "What Is Sex All about" discusses that Different groups in the society have different meanings or connotation about sex. Sex is important because it is the human’s way of adding their number. Sex is not just for pleasure. It has a lot of meanings attributed to it. …
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What Is Sex All about
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Extract of sample "What Is Sex All about"

What is sex all about?
Sex has become a common word for everyone. People have several definitions and contexts when it comes to the topic of sex. Interview has been conducted to know the definition of sex, the difference between the understanding of the term before in comparison to the view regarding the term today and also the way it affects or changes one’s views in life, and as well as its importance.
The interviewee explained each point in a detailed manner so that the interviewer would understand it effectively. As the interviewee’s response, he defined sex as a physical activity wherein there is an intercourse happening between the persons involved. He also enumerated the difference between the understanding of man about sex today and before. He said that before, several value the sacredness of sex as it is only done by two people who are married. However, people today take advantage the real meaning of sex and the way it is being done. They become more liberated when they deal on sex. Sex has changed several lives. The ways people see life after having sex on the wrong way and time actually differs. Some may feel inspired but a lot do regret after. Sex is actually important. Without sex, people would not add their number. To some artist and religious person, sex is considered as a form of wonderful art. However, for the group who does not know the real meaning of the term, they abuse the satisfaction it gives to them.
To explain the interviewee’s insight more, each points has been identified. The interviewee was asked about his own definition about sex. He defined sex as sex as a physical activity wherein there is an intercourse happening between the persons involved. However, he also mentioned that nowadays, some people sex without having any intercourse, specifically those in homosexual relationship. They consider themselves having sex though there is really no intercourse that happens between them.
The understanding of people on sex today is very different to how they see it before. The interviewee said that before, people do actually value the sacredness of sex. Two people will only have sex if they are under the context of marriage. There is respect, patience and understanding when two people commit sex as what the interviewee highlighted. If today’s concept of sex would be analyzed, it is pretty obvious that several people have already did sex outside marriage. They forgot what purity is all about. They even forgot how to give respect not just to their partners but even to their own body. They sex for the wrong reason and so fail to enjoy its real meaning and context.
When someone did a wrong thing, he regrets everything, wishing that there is a backspace button that would delete every bad thing happened in their past. People’s perspectives about sex are changing; the same with one’s ideas or views towards himself when something unwanted happened in their life. The ways people see life after having sex on the wrong way and time actually differs. Some may feel inspired but many regret it after. As what has been mentioned above, they sex for the wrong reason and that mistake may cause dissonance to the people involved. The interviewee, on his opinion, said that having sex at the wrong time will not work and will only cause the person to over think and doubt every information or new experience the world would offer or give to him after. Insecurities would come to his system as well as poor self confidence or low self esteem when he considered ‘sex’ as a sort of regret in his life. His ability to trust, not just to others but also to himself, will be lost.
Different groups in the society have different meanings or connotation about sex. Sex is important because it is the human’s way of adding their number. Sex is not just for pleasure. It has a lot meanings attributed to it. Everything about sex is valuable and so, as what the interviewee said, people should not fail to see the real importance of having sex.
To commend what the interviewee said about the topic “sex”, it is true that sex has several meanings for everyone. It actually differs on what culture, group and society do they belong. Actually, the real meaning of sex in science is the physical activity such as intercourse that happens between two heterosexual individual. Sex is defined as an activity wherein sexual intercourse is involve (“Sex”). It is in arts that interpretation of sex really differs. The thought that sex today is really different from the past is actually true. People become liberated. Media, as a platform of awareness and understanding of ideas, expose different connotation about sex to the public. Though the media does not encourage people to do sex outside marriage, it actually gives the idea that it is cool and sex would really satisfy one’s pleasure or need. At some point, the word sex has been abused. The wonderful meaning of sex, its sacredness, and its sweetness has actually gone. Though it is not used to be regretted, many people regret to had sex outside marriage and suffer those consequences attributed to it. Sex is actually good moreover if it is properly addressed. It is designed to be sweet, true, patient, and respectable. Sex does not bring any harm if it is done properly. So it is always good to think before agreeing to something you would regret after. It is better to be sure than not.
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"Sex." Unabridged. Random House, Inc. 27 Nov. 2013. . Read More
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What Is Sex All about Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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