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Professor Name Paper Date Cultural Realities of South Asian Muslim Societies: A Critical Review The culture is software of human mind and therefore, it is imperative for the organizations to understand and comprehend the cultural realities of the geographical areas in which they are operating or planning to operate…
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Cultural Artifact
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Download file to see previous pages Both of the abovementioned countries have Muslim population in abundance (Murayama and Murayama pp.75). The Muslims on the other hand, constitute more than half of the total workforce of the entire world. The cultural and normative outlook of Muslims is significantly different and divergent from the population of developed nations. The culture of South Asia is strictly based on collectivism while, the individuals are bounded to fulfill the expectations of others. The code of honor is severely rigid when it comes to dealing with the females. The companies that are operating in the featured part of the world are strongly suggested to uphold cultural realities by modifying their practices (Stern 120). The companies are required to hire the male professionals for the leading jobs whereas; the females’ participation should be kept limited to subordination. The people of South Asia are not accustomed to seeing a female as a leader and therefore, she will not be able to exercise control and assertiveness that are essence of leadership. The basic and fundamental purpose of this study is to highlight and advocate the role and value of hijab in the aforementioned cultures and societies. In short, hijab is the license for females to work. The senior citizens of the area need their girls to be covered before leaving the homes. The instrument of hijab is the essence of providing freedom to the females. Additionally, it is important to note that hijab has served as a means for supporting female participation in the societies. The male population was outnumbered and outgunned by the available corporate opportunities in the form of foreign production facilities. The Islamic scholars were contacted and asked to help stimulate the societal and corporate participation of females (Spivak pp.261). The move was a strategic one as it was designed to increase professional and labor supply. The Islamic scholars of the area had conducted a detailed research and found that Prophet Mohammad requested females to play a supportive role in the battles. The females at that time were responsible for taking care of the injured. This event provided the Islamic scholars with a vital argument that they have used to convince people that Islam permits females to participate in the society. However, the core Islamic order that requires females to cover themselves while getting out of their homes created a conflict in conventional religious scholars and modern ones. The debate carried out for number of years before it is observed that Iranian females use scarf in order to cover themselves. The scarf is the ultimate source of engaging females in the society. The use of scarf bridged the conflict and then, both schools of thought agreed upon that a female wearing a scarf meets the minimum hijab requirement and therefore, it is acceptable for the females to wear scarf that helps them in covering their hair and breasts. According to psychology males are attracted to females’ physical attributes such as breasts and hair (Chew-Graham, Bashir and Chantler pp. 336). The Islamic law purposely ordered the females to take concrete measures towards ensuring that their sexual centers are appropriately covered before they leave for work. The females are known to wear gowns on the streets. They prefer to wear scarf in the offices. The scarf is a piece of cloth weaved in such a way that it assists females in covering their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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