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Women's Studies. Barbie Doll as the Model for Little Girls - Essay Example

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The present paper aims to identify the impact and influence of the Barbie dolls on the tastes and priorities of the young girls in their real and practical life. …
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Womens Studies. Barbie Doll as the Model for Little Girls
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Extract of sample "Women's Studies. Barbie Doll as the Model for Little Girls"

Download file to see previous pages Though the patterns of dolls cannot be adopted completely by the girls, yet an overwhelming majority of them observes the same in one way or the other. Hence, the movements launched by the Barbie dolls designers and developers go a long way in respect of introducing and modifying the physique and appearance fashion trends within the social establishment, predominantly for the women folk, which maintain higher level of inclinations regarding adopting and following the fashion patterns in the light of the material objects being introduced by the fashion designers. Introduction: It has pertinently been viewed that Nature has created men and women in two entirely different patterns, where the difference between the members of both the genders is not confined to physical appearance only; rather, the people of the two genders also appear to be divergent ones in thoughts, views and exposure with regards to life and society (Crenshaw 54). It is due to these differences that their liking and disliking, as well as tastes and flavors also witness dissimilarities since the early childhood of the individuals belonging to the two opposite genders. It is therefore it is aptly argued that the girls are more idealistic and less practical in comparison to their male counterparts, and develop role models for them to imitate the same up to they seek the perfection point (Crenshaw 19). It is particularly the case while girls’ adopting the prevailing fashion-styles and manners in order to look attractive, fascinating and dandy eventually. The same can also be witnessed by witnessing the love and passion of the girls for their Barbie dolls. The researchers demonstrate the very fact that girls generally keep Barbie dolls of various kinds with them by taking them to be an ideal play-mate as well as a beautiful object to imitate their features and characteristics; it is therefore, they look for reducing their weight to such a great extent so that they could grow as thin as they observe their dolls having the smartness and slenderness with regards to their physiques at large (Dittmar et al. 283). It is perhaps in the nature of the girls that they care the dolls in such a manner as their mothers take care of the children (Schwarz 296); it not only reflects their innate motherly sentiments and desire to play the role attributed to mothers, but also demonstrates their hidden longings for mating and having a companion that exclusively belongs to themselves only. Hence, some invisible and unconscious sexual desires also urge the girls to keep a smart and captivating mate in the form of Barbie doll with them (Kuther & McDonald 42). In addition, sense of security and escape from loneliness and being unprotected also force the girls for keeping the dolls with them. The girls’ imitating the Barbie actually reflects their passion for espousing the cultural traits that have been in vogue in their social and physical environment (Kuther & McDonald 40). One of the most imperative reasons behind establishing the Barbie to be a model for smartness and beauty includes the (mis)conception by viewing it to be the symbol of perfect attractiveness the smart and good-looking girls must contain. Consequently, the girls attempt to keep the physique of the dolls in view in order to maintain their smartness and remain under-weight in order to capture the attention of the public in general, and their lovers in particular. Somehow, the medical specialists and healthcare ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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