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Name Instructor Course Date Pleasure In his nicomachean ethics, Aristotle talks good life for people. Aristotle believes that pleasure is part of good and virtuous life; pleasure is part of human life since leads to happiness. For Aristotle, happiness in life can only be viewed as an activity and rejects that it is not a deposition; it is searched for its own benefits and not the benefit of any other thing…
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Aristotle was against hedonism because he believed that happiness or feelings of pleasure are not the highest aim of human conduct. He argued that those actions which add to pleasurable activities cannot be taken as always right. Further, he asserted that moral virtue does not imply end of life since life can continue with unhappiness, misery, and inactivity. Aristotle believed that moral virtues are gained by behaving virtuously but eventually they are damaged by either defect or excess. Moral virtues are not innate according to Aristotle but they are acquired. For instance, an individual becomes trustworthy by acting truthfully. Examples of moral virtues are humility, truthfulness, moderation, and generosity. On the other hand, intellectual virtues are those personality traits that are required for correct thinking and desired action. He classified intellectual virtues as productive such as craft knowledge, theoretical such as wisdom and mind and lastly practical such as practical prudence. Happiness is the central core of living, which depends entirely on cultivation of virtues. According to Aristotle, playing the mean is the way of cultivating virtues that includes moral virtues for the attainment of individual happiness. Playing the mean is the virtue between two extreme excesses and deficiency. For instance, exercising the act of justice in getting too little or getting too much. Therefore, human beings make choices depending on the circumstances that surround them by choosing on one option and neglecting the other. Aristotle believed that the task of ethics was to come up with the highest and the best good that is found in human life. Thus, all human activities always aim at some recognized higher end that we always consider as good. Most activities that human beings incur in life are a means of attaining a higher end. He discussed the nature of vices and virtues that are involved in evaluating morals, the conditions that ascribes moral responsibility towards an individual agent and the methods that one incurs to achieve happiness in life. Aristotle rounded off his explanation of what constituted achievement of true happiness by human beings. He stated that pleasure is not good in itself because it is incomplete according to its nature. The activities that people engage in are associated with their own distinctive pleasures. Therefore, human beings are directed and guided in nature by their choice or preference for participating in pleasant activities rather than in unpleasant activities. True happiness lies in the behavior that leads to virtue, since this alone provides genuine value and not just amusement. In sum, Aristotle held that contemplation is the highest form of ethical activity because it is self-reliant, complete, and continuous. According to Aristotle, every activity posses a final cause and the aim for the same good. In life, it is difficult to get an infinite regress that is associated with extrinsic goods and thus, there must be the highest good, which all-human activities aim. He referred to this as happiness and the complexities that is involved in actualizing it. Things that are of any variety, acquires characteristic function, which they later perform. Virtues are opposed to intellectual capacity and thus virtues of characters are due to Read More
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Pleasure Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words. https://studentshare.org/gender-sexual-studies/1461116-pleasure.
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