Abortion is Legal and Is an Acceptable Procedure Based on a Woman's Choice - Essay Example

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Abortion has become one of the most controversial topics, with a great number of people as proponents and opponents.The greatest argument for those in favor of abortion is that women should have the right to decide what goes on with their bodies…
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Abortion is Legal and Is an Acceptable Procedure Based on a Womans Choice
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"Abortion is Legal and Is an Acceptable Procedure Based on a Woman's Choice"

In a similar sense, as the fetus develops inside of the woman, she is essentially considered the owner of the fetus (Jacob 71). As the owner of both her body and the fetus, the woman is the one to make the decisions for the fate of both. This belief holds especially true in cases where women become unintentionally pregnant due to rape, sexual abuse, or incest. Since they were unwilling to engage in sexual intercourse, which resulted in a pregnancy, it should be up to them to decide what happens next.
The argument of sexual emancipation and equality is as equally as important as a woman’s rights in regard to her body. By not allowing women to have abortions, others are taking control of a woman’s freedom. “The ability of a woman to have control of her body is critical to civil rights (Graber 114).” Furthermore, if the government takes away a woman’s reproductive choice, they are placing her rights below those of men. Since men are not the ones that become pregnant, they are able to simply walk away from their wife’s or girlfriend’s pregnancy. Women are not capable of walking away from a pregnancy with that kind of ease, which is why abortion seems appealing. If a man can disregard a pregnancy, women should be entitled to the same. The government should not have a say in what a woman does with her body because they do not enforce the men to be fathers. Against Abortion On the other side of the argument are people who consider themselves to be pro-life. Their strongest argument is that, from conception, a woman has a living, breathing human life developing inside of her body. To terminate a pregnancy would be nothing short of murder. “Abortion is in direct defiance of the commonly accepted idea of the sanctity of human life (Baumgardner 23).” Since society looks down on people who take the life of another, the same holds true for abortion. As such, these people feel that abortion should be treated as murder and should therefore be an illegal procedure. Likewise, even though the fetus is incapable of exercising its rights, it has been determined that, as a living being, it still has rights. By having an abortion, the mother is killing a conscious, free human. While it is true that a woman may not have had the choice of becoming pregnant, the fetus is also unable to have a say in being aborted. It is not a choice that they are given. Also, even though a fetus is dependent on the woman, those against abortion still believe that the fetus is also set apart from the woman as its own independent entity (Maguire 88). Just like a child is dependent on its parents to be cared for, so is the role of the woman during pregnancy, and the fetus is no less important, nor any less of a human being. Religion also plays a role in determining whether or not abortion is morally right. Most religions, including Catholicism and Christianity, view all living life, whether a full grown man or a fetus, as precious and valuable. Abortion is, therefore, considered to be a sin; in some religions, having an abortion is enough to send an individual to hell. This belief goes back to the concept that abortion is a form of murder. Since religions do not condone murder, they do not condone the termination of a fetus. Personal Opinion I believe that abortion is a woman’s choice. There are so many factors that can play into a pregnancy, such as consent and cause, that to deny a woman the chance to have an abortion would be to deny her the rights to care for her own body. A woman’s choice to have a baby is just that - her choice. The government, religious institutions, and Read More
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(Abortion Is Legal and Is an Acceptable Procedure Based on a Woman'S Essay)
Abortion Is Legal and Is an Acceptable Procedure Based on a Woman'S Essay. https://studentshare.org/gender-sexual-studies/1447972-abortion-is-legal-and-is-an-acceptable-procedure.
“Abortion Is Legal and Is an Acceptable Procedure Based on a Woman'S Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/gender-sexual-studies/1447972-abortion-is-legal-and-is-an-acceptable-procedure.
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Abortion Should not be legal
Abortion has been a controversial subject for centuries across the globe.Although the fetus may not be scientifically a human being, there is budding humanity within it; and hence trying to terminate fetus must be considered as criminal offense of killing a human being.Not many of the world’s population have realized the effects caused by the abortion and its impacts on the society.
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Should Abortion be Legal
Those who repudiate the universality of the rights of humans to live are either not humans or are different kind of humans, that basically need help. No crime on earth can get bigger than defying the existence of another human and killing others for the sake of one’s own life, prestige, social standing and status, except for in self defense.
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Should Abortion be Legal
Abortion is one such issue which has been central to many arguments. Abortion was made legal in the United States in the year 1973 by the Supreme Court of the country by its verdict in the case of Roe v Wade (Stolberg 2009). It is marked as a day of victory for the pro-abortion groups but this decision was unwelcomed by many pro-life groups.
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A woman's right to choose abortion
She might have problems in coping up with her education, career and social life. Several times, due to some health issues, giving birth to a child is declared harmful for a woman by doctors and in such conditions abortion is necessary. In addition to that abortion is a woman’s legal right as it was legalized in the United States of America after the Joe v Wade case.
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Under what conditions is abortion morally acceptable
Apart from universally recognized pros and cons for legally permitting abortion, there are also localized cultural sensibilities to contend with. For example, regions of the country with a large religious demographic tend to oppose abortion even when it is practically unreasonable.
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Legal Abortion

Studies have shown that most women are coerced into committing this murderous act of a living human and that there is no such thing as safe abortions as many are led to believe.  Pro-abortion proponents generally espouse that the rights of a non-living tissue that feels no pain are non-existent. 

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Can Abortion be a Morally Acceptable Choice
Roe vs. Wade (1973) ("Roe v. Wade", wikipedia.org) legalized abortion in America, and ever since two apparently irreconcilable forces have arisen. The first, pro-life (or anti-choice according to their enemies) see, at their most extreme, any abortion as tantamount to murder (www.nrlc.org), while the pro-choice (or pro-abortion according to their enemies) see, at their most extreme any abortion (even the of the so-called 'partial birth type) as morally acceptable.
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Should abortion be legal
Abortion can never be a contraceptive; this is arguably the biggest reason as to why it should not be legalized. Ending someone’s life is not on out control
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Abortion Arguments on Pro Choice
Abortion has become one of the major debates that have involved people from all religions, races, political opinions and of all ages. Legalization of abortion has been an argument that began several decades ago and the argument is far from over.
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