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Gender and Sexual Studies - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Gender and Sexual Studies Name: Instructor: College: Subject: Date: Race Race can be defined as the categorization of human beings based on large and discrete populations based on factors such as geographical ancestry, but also affected by several aspects that incorporate culture, social and economic factors, and ethnicity…
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Gender and Sexual Studies
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Download file to see previous pages Our varied ethnic diversity and racial background have been in existence in terms of historical, social, and biological fact that require no more investigation. The idea of race as a mysterious primordial force brings about the notion that human beings hail from, or have always thought they hail from distinct physico-natural families of primates as asserted by Hannaford (1996). I was able to understand the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and its pivotal role in recognizing that the inherent dignity and the equality and rights of all human beings provide a core foundation of peace, freedom, and justice the world over. In addition, people that are steeped in traditional way of thinking cannot appreciate the full degree of the need to appreciate all human beings irrespective of their race. Concepts that were deemed to be of great significance and interest are no longer perceived in the same context. Although debates on racial differences may sound strange in today’s world, racism still is exercised in most parts of the world. Laws have been enacted to protect against disregard and contempt of human rights and racism. Discrimination needs to be combated in order to ensure individuals interact in peace and the world becomes a better place to live. Moreover, it has been established that racial differences exist, but we need to learn how to cope with the devastating results that occur as a result of racism. This new concepts have profoundly impacted the way I relate with individuals from different ethnic backgrounds. I have been able to understand that despite our differences in race, we experience the same set of problems and challenges in our day to day lives. Also, I have deeply grown as an individual. I have adopted a more positive and welcoming attitude towards individuals from varied races. Moreover, I have learnt to shun any form of racism or any talk founded on pejorative determination of the relative importance of such differences. Furthermore, I am more than willing to meet new people and experience the different culture and traditions. This is because I appreciate the various cultures and I am pleased and proud to find a different individual in the society (Marya, 2011). I have become a better person by trying to understand the minds of the individuals who propagate racist ideas and why they act the way they do. This new information has tremendously changed the way I understand other individuals and their experiences in life. The world is arguably becoming a global village and we cannot run away from the fact that intercultural awareness plays a pivotal role in globalization. Ignorance and fear are core factors that central to prejudice and racism. Limited knowledge on various concepts limits our understanding and comprehension of individuals who are different from us in various ways. Therefore, I am able to have a conceptual idea of why other people lead different ways of life and their social conditions. The social and societal structures of various groups, as well as the existing norms of segregation and separation inhibit how individuals from different races interact with each other in a positive and meaningful way (Gorski, 2010). Also, I have been able to learn of how individuals are linked in some eventless ways through climate, soil, common blood, language, mental disposition, or some common features that include body weight, size and shape, and other body features (Hannaford, 1996). This affects how ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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