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The paper "Why Condoms Should Be Available At High Schools" highlights that in reality land if teenagers are to be actually protected from early pregnancy and dangerous STDs, they should be well-informed enough to make good decisions. This includes the distribution of condoms at school. …
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Why Condoms Should Be Available At High Schools
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In today’s world, teenagers should know about contraceptive options so if they choose to have sex, they can at least diminish their chances of pregnancy until the time they are ready to be parents. Abstinence-only programs are constantly being demonstrated to have a detrimental impact on the lives of healthy teenagers. According to a study by Ceci Connolly (2004), “youngsters taking the [abstinence only] courses frequently receive medically inaccurate or misleading information, often in direct contradiction to the findings of government scientists.” Misleading or simply incorrect information such as the suggestion that simply touching another person’s genitals can cause pregnancy or that AIDS can be spread via tears and sweat has been found in programs utilized by at least 69 organizations throughout 25 states. Not only do these lies work to psychologically threaten teens for their future years, but these propagandizing techniques also prevent them from obtaining the knowledge that would protect them. (“Knowledge” 2006) Studies that rate the value of abstinence-only programs used in place of programs that emphasize abstinence but also teach contraception have unquestionably demonstrated that contraception should be taught to the country’s teenagers. Statistics have shown that during the past 20 years, contraceptive use among teenage women has been gradually increasing as teenagers become more educated regarding how to protect themselves from STDs from condom the use. There has been a considerable reduction in the number of teenage pregnancies during this same period. (Murphy, 2000). Fewer unwanted pregnancies mean fewer abortions, a connection those opposed to condom programs choose to ignore.  Read More
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