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Financial Services: Inflation Targeting - Coursework Example

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"Financial Services: Inflation Targeting" paper describes chief elements of inflation targeting, how it operates in the UK, and the benefits of inflation targeting that is a monetary-policy approach, where central bank, setpoint inflation target and execute monetary strategies to control inflation…
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Financial Services: Inflation Targeting
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Extract of sample "Financial Services: Inflation Targeting"

Download file to see previous pages Inflation targeting is a relatively new monetary-policy approach that is typified by a declared inflation target, and execution of a monetary strategy that provides inflation forecast with a vital role, in addition to an elevated level of transparency, precision, and liability. This strategy was first established in New Zealand in the year 1990 and had been since been adopted and fruitful in more than twenty-five developed as well as developing economies, in the context of steadying both inflation plus real economy (Svensson, 2010).

It is important for inflation targeting that the monetary authorities decide what price stability signifies in reality. Price stability has been extensively defined as a rate of inflation that is adequately small so that consumers are not required to take it into consideration while making their daily decisions. A numerical value of inflation ranging from 0% to 3% tends to fulfill this condition. However, while some economists have spoken for a long-term inflation target of 0%, others have stated that such a low inflation target would result in inefficiency and a rise in the normal unemployment rate (Mishkin, 2001). 

Inflation targeting comprises of certain chief elements. These include the public declaration of medium-term inflation targets; institutional obligation to price stability as the fundamental objective of monetary policy; use of all-encompassing information for creating policy tools; enhanced transparency of strategies related to monetary policy in the context of communication of plans, goals as well as resolutions of monetary authorities; and, the elevated liability of the central banks for accomplishing its inflation goals. Thus, it is apparently evident that inflation targeting is not merely a public declaration of inflation targets for the coming year, and incorporates the four other above-mentioned elements as well (Mishkin, 2001).

The UK economy performance following the application of inflation targeting has been exceptional. The magnitude of frequency variations of business-cycle has been till now the least in the documented history of the UK. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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