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Corporate Finance & Portfolio Management - Term Paper Example

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The purpose of this paper is to provide a financial analysis of three particular companies: Best Buy, Duke Energy and Walt Disney Corporation. Therefore, the writer will assess the financial management in each company, examining annual accounting reports…
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Corporate Finance & Portfolio Management
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Download file to see previous pages Duke Energy Corporation operates in the utility sector and it holds companies of regulated electric and gas utilities. It delivers electricity to around 4 million customers and provides natural gas to half a million of the customers. It operates in Carolinas, Indiana, Ohio, and in the Midwest segment while across the borders it owns hydroelectric generation units in Latin America.
Walt Disney Corporation is a leading media conglomerate which holds its principal operations in themes parks, television, entertainment and merchandise licensing. The company’s leading brands include its theme parks: Disney World and it almost operates in all the major continents of the world. Within the domain of media network, it owns ABC broadcast network and the Disney channel. The company is focused on delivering high-quality entertainment and content through its parks and media channels and its ultimate objectives are based on innovation through leveraging the technology.
S&P 500 index is an index of 500 leading stocks which are selected based on their market size, liquidity, and other representative factors. This index is considered to be the leading indicator of the United States equity market. The index is a market value weighted index which implies that the weight assigned to each stock is proportionate to the market value.
The relationship of the market with the individual stock can be measured by the concept of beta. Beta represents the volatility of the stock with respect to the market. If a stock has a beta of 1, then it will move in tandem with the market. A stock with a beta 0f -0.4 shows if the stock market moves up by 10%, then the stock will on the average move down by 4% since they are negatively correlated. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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