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Budget Challenges Related to Prison Systems - Term Paper Example

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The study, Budget Challenges Related to Prison Systems, also throws light on the budgeting strategy observed by the jail staff keeping in view the growing number of prisoners in jails within the limited volume of funds they obtain from the government. Budgeting is a very important phenomenon…
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Budget Challenges Related to Prison Systems
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Download file to see previous pages The present study throws light on the budgeting strategy observed by the jail staff keeping in view the growing number of prisoners in jails within the limited volume of funds they obtain from the government. Budgeting is a very important phenomenon that enjoys the status of the central issue in respect of applying every policy and scheme and implementing every strategy at social, economic, political and corporate levels. Without opposite resources and their allocation in a systematic way, the implementation of even the most superior and wonderful policy seems to be at stake. The same can be observed in the case of introducing reforms in the prison system for the eradication of crimes from society at large.
Background: Crime has aptly been regarded as a social phenomenon, which is part of all societies and cultures since ever. Consequently, societies have established the check and balance in order to combat the crime nuisance with an iron hand. Renowned German sociologist Emile Durkheim takes crime, as normal in terms of its occurrence, and even as having positive social functions in terms of its consequences. “Where crime exists”, Durkheim observes, collective sentiments are sufficiently flexible to take on a new form, and crime sometimes helps to determine the form they will take. How many times, indeed, it is only an anticipation of future morality--a step toward what will be.” Though criminal behavior motivates the authorities introduce reforms in society by removing injustices and inequalities, yet criminal behavior, deviance, and perversion surely damage the very foundations of a normal social establishment. It is, therefore, the political system of every society looks for the observing of peace and harmony within its jurisdiction in order to protect its subjects from criminal assaults. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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