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Mutual Funds News and Articles: An Examination - Assignment Example

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The purpose of the current assignment "Mutual Funds News and Articles: An Examination" is to critically discuss several pieces of marketing snapshots and financial articles. The writer of the assignment attempts to argue the works from the investor's point of view.

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Mutual Funds News and Articles: An Examination
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Extract of sample "Mutual Funds News and Articles: An Examination"

Download file to see previous pages Some advice against Treasury bonds that are vulnerable to interest-rate risks, closed-end funds which are trading at a discount or below their real asset values, the financial sector whose turmoil was still continuing; and the housing which is at the center of the financial crisis. Energy, heavily hit by the current crisis, is highly uncertain and risky, as well as materials companies, and should be avoided at this juncture. Stock market indexes are also risky because they have yet to touch bottom before a turnaround. With emotions running high, one fund manager has turned defensive by converting into cash half of his big portfolio $15 billion.
No doubt these fund analysts and managers are using sound judgment and have learned from experience in both bull and bear markets. They are also aware that opportunities can be found in the midst of crisis and adversity, and they are keen on seizing these opportunities when they can be found. However, the situation is still confused and murky at best, and even with the experience of many individuals who in the past invested when "blood was on the streets," and subsequently made substantial gains, they are still advising caution. A contrarian approach of buying when the overwhelming majority are selling may not be timely. Also, it needs a considerable amount of capital to enter the market as the market is sliding down because the bottom is not yet in sight. A lot of investors sell when they panic even when fundamentals are good, but a contrarian strategy needs huge capital and can sometimes be very costly even for the institutional investors with huge resources. I agree that the best strategy right now is to stay liquid and put more money in safe investment vehicles such as money market funds and US Treasury bills. Some mutual fund families provide the facility and convenience of switching from risky equity funds to money market funds with minimal cost.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Mutual Funds News and Articles: An Examination Assignment.
(Mutual Funds News and Articles: An Examination Assignment)
Mutual Funds News and Articles: An Examination Assignment.
“Mutual Funds News and Articles: An Examination Assignment”.
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