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The Role of Financial Analyst in Banking - Research Proposal Example

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This study analyzes the role of the financial analyst in Banking. Using three sample institutions as a case study, questionnaires will be administered in the form of an interview with an analyst of these institutions. The job description as stated within the company’s procedure is examined …
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The Role of Financial Analyst in Banking
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Extract of sample "The Role of Financial Analyst in Banking"

Download file to see previous pages Many recent financial reporting scandals (e.g. the Enron Scandal) have been attributed to poor corporate governance oversight, understatement of the role of with analyst and poor financial reporting process (Weintrop, Li & Byard 2006). As a response to these financial reporting scandals, regulators and major stock exchanges have implemented new rules designed to improve the quality of corporate governance, strengthen the role of the financial analyst (e.g., by requiring audit committees to be fully independent, the role of a financial analyst to include both financial and nonfinancial information). Implicit in these regulatory changes is a belief that such measures will eventually improve the quality of information available to the users of financial reports (e.g., financial analysts) (Baker 1988, Covrig & Low 2005, Weintrop, Li & Byard).
Baker (1988) studies the is the role of sell-side financial analysts on capital markets and by means of his analysis earnings forecasts and recommendations, financial analysts have a significant influence on the investment community (Lybaert & ORens 2007). Lybaert & ORens (2007) study how the use of non-financial information influences financial analyst forecast. The researchers came to the conclusion that financial analyst who uses more forward-looking information and more internal-structure information offer more accurate forecasts for investors and the organization in which they work for. The same idea was supported by Vanstraelen, Zarzeski, and Robb (2003) when they find out that disclosure of non-financial forward-looking information was directly related to the accuracy of the analyst's earnings forecasts.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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