Investing: Macien Palmer and Partners - Case Study Example

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This case study talks about the Maciean Palmer company and its partners and their investment decisions. The question is how the partners will deal with the investment income that they have generated from the various companies that they have invested in…
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Investing: Macien Palmer and Partners
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"Investing: Macien Palmer and Partners"

The case study "Investing: Macien Palmer and Partners" talks about the Maciean Palmer company and its partners and their investment decisions. The question is how the partners will deal with the investment income that they have generated from the various companies that they have invested in.In understanding what Macien Palmer and partners should do, it is crucial to understand the different partners’ role in investing. They are required to guide customers in establishing investment opportunities and in making sound investment decisions. The question is how the partners will deal with the investment income that they have generated from the various companies that they have invested in. The return of investment from the Cobalt Company will be divided by offering the chief partner of Forte 80 % of the return based on their work. As Palmer was the one who comes up with strategies that helped the company to solve over 1 million dollars. This is due to the provision in the partnership agreement that states that the returns on investment should be split on a ratio of 80 to 20 between limited and general partners respectively. In the case, Palmer was the limited partner as he was the one responsible for any loss incurred from the carrying interest. In dealing with Adrian Food services, the partners should recognize the investment in the company as a permanent investment due to the bridging rule that state that investments with a maturity period of more than 18 months should be treated as a permanent investment. Read More
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