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Inventory Management - Assignment Example

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The lower of cost or market rule directs that businesses should record the cost of inventories at the lower cost between the original cost of the inventory and the prevailing market price. …
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Inventory Management
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"Inventory Management"

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a) FIFO Method
March 1 3000 units @ $8.00 = $24000
March 8 5000 units @ $8.40 = $42000
Sales: March 14 4000 units @ $14.00 = $ 56000
C.O.G: March 14 3000 units @ $8.00 = $24000
1000 units @ $8.40 =$8400
Total: $32400
Inventory balance: 4000 units @8.40 = $33600
March 18: 6000 units @ 8.20 = $49200
Sales: March 25 7000 units @ $14.00 = $98000
C.O.G: March 25 4000 units @ $8.40 = $33600
3000 units @ $8.20 = $24600
Total: $58200
Inventory Balance: 3000 units @ 8.20 = $24600
Inventory balance as at March 2016 is $24600
Cost of Goods for the period ended March 2016 is $(32400 + 58200) = $90600

LIFO Method:
March 1 3000 units @ 8.00 = $24000
March 8 5000 units @ 8.40 = $42000
Sales: March 14 4000 units @ 14.00 = $56000 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Inventory Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
“Inventory Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1”, n.d.
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Inventory Management and play their game. (Birchal 2010) The Need for Inventory Management The entrepreneurs, having studied the market trends and being well acquainted with the consumer culture, can determine certain variables that are almost impossible to discover otherwise. The entrepreneurs can determine future demand of a particular product that they are selling to a particular segment. Having talked about consumer culture we must not forget to mention the changes that have taken place in the market over the period of time. With the introduction of more and more products by the companies and entrance of giant companies that offer products that serve to cater to similar needs and target the same set of consumers...
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... s Business, Essay    Topic: Discuss the issues that a small pizza restaurant might face in inventory management. Inventory management is a process of managing the current levels of inventory within a business. The objective of this process is to make sure that there is an optimal level of inventory which is required for smooth functioning of the business (Inventory management, n.d.). The individuals responsible for this process should make sure that the inventory is neither too high nor too low and meets the required level of the business. Effective inventory management is an essential tool which can help boost the sales of all restaurants. A small pizza restaurant might face a number of issues with regard to inventory management... is not...
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...YOUR FULL YOUR Vendor-Managed Inventory Vendor-managed inventory (VMI), a process where the management of a customer’s inventory is the sole responsibility of a supplier, has been suggested to be a “stop-gap measure for suppliers to generate sales and profits” during the course of a weak business environment (Scouras 1). The author has averred that once demand increases and the business environment strengthens, VMI will not work well for businesses. The scope of this paper, after having read the assigned article, is to discuss whether VMI is just a stop-gap measure or whether it will last when demand returns. While VMI does require a...
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...Introduction Before going into the topic of discussing some of the important issues regarding inventory management, we must first get to know what inventory management is and the importance of inventory management in companies and organizations. The process of inventory management involves controlling of the inventory items in a way that neither they become too much in excess for the organization, nor do they get out of stock so that when the company needs them, they are not available in the stock. Morris (2006) states that Inventory management, if done...
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...26th November Inventory Management The recent economic downturn called for adoption of strong measures by companies in order to control production and avoid increased cost of storing inventory. This is due to the decreased purchasing power of consumers across many countries in the world. Inventory management is an essential aspect that companies cannot overlook based on the fact that inventories are the major expense incurred during the operations of any organization. In this regard, it is prudent for managers to emulate effective systems of controlling their stock. In order to meet the demand of their customers, most...
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...Inventory Management Inventory Management Outline Report to board of Directors of Wooden Wonder Ltd Background Presentation on current issues Economic Order Quantity Re-order level Real Life Examples Advantages of Holding Inventories Disadvantages of Holding inventories Alternative methods of inventory management Bin Systems Periodic Review System Just in time (JIT) Recommendations to board of director References REFLECTIVE JOURNALS Report to Board of Directors Company: Wooden Wonders Ltd Subject: Inventory Management Date: ISSUE: Minimise the costs...
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...Question Inventory management is important for proper running of any business. Just -in -time method of inventory is one of the methods used to achieve this effect. The technique enables the effective movement of material in a particular area and at the required time. This involves a system of coordinated operations each closely knitted to the subsequent one to ensure efficiency. However, just- in -time software is not able to foresee delivery problems that arise as a result of poor weather conditions and labor strikes. In such a situation, a company using this form of inventory management needs to mitigate delivery issues by focusing on the flow of...
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...Inventory management of the Table of Contents Types of inventory and their characteristics 3 Toyota 3 Samsung electronics 3 Integration of design concepts 4 Inventory role in customer satisfaction, efficiency and performance 4 Importance of different types of layouts 5 Process layout 5 Product layout 6 Fixed position layouts 6 Cellular layouts 6 Evaluation of supply chain performance 7 Areas of improvement 7 References 9 Types of inventory and their characteristics Toyota Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the largest automobile manufacturing companies of the world. The company owes a major portion of its success to the unique and efficient inventory management techniques practiced. Toyota follows the Just in Time (JIT) inventory... ...
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...INVENTORY MANAGEMENT NYK Logistics CO. NYK logistics uses the RFID to ensure safe and throughtout of its containers. The containers must be monitored to avoid mishandling and wrong delivery. They are coded to easien tracking and monitoring of the stock. (Smith, 2005) Sushi Restaurant It uses RFID to monitor the food staffs even on the plates when they are running out of stock. This assists them to take necessary strategies before the stock collapses. The system also captures the customers buying data which ensures monitoring of the stocks. (James, 2006) Advantages of RFID I. Security. The RFID is the major source of security in any business. The stock products are coded and this ensures their monitoring. The computerized system... will...
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