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Texas Decision to Refuse to Expand Medicaid - Essay Example

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This report looks at the potential impact of a Medicaid expansion in jobs and economic activity in Texas. Texas is facing a very critical moment of making a decision on whether or not to accept federal dollars to provide health insurance to many uninsured state residents. …
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Texas Decision to Refuse to Expand Medicaid
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Download file to see previous pages As the paper stresses texas decision of rejection has protected the private insurance and encouraged its growth. Therefore, private insurance in Texas are affordable, and the number of people with insurance is increasing. Rejection of the Medicaid has affected the country negatively in that the country spending in the country funded health care programs for the uninsured is increasing. Once the expenditure increases the government increases tax thus causing an increase in price on different commodities.
According to the research findings the Medicaid program harms the people though it is intended to serve. Expanding Medicaid means that patients who are already enrolled in the program many of whom have nowhere else to go for coverage will be competing for medical services with up to 20 million more people being added to the program. Moreover, the most vulnerable patients who have the greatest needs are likely to have the hardest time getting care. Texas rejecting the expanded Medicaid has protected its people from this problem. The expanded Medicaid under the Affordable federal Act provides a strong health care system. Provision of quality health care increases the number of residents with health insurance reducing the uncompensated care cost. In addition, healthy resident is a sign of productivity in that state. Medicaid emphasis more on coverage and not to care provided to the patients. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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