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Islamic finance - Research Paper Example

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Its practical application is done through the development of Islamic economics, and therefore Islamic banking can be referred to as a Sharia-compliant finance. Islamic banks…
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Islamic finance
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"Islamic finance"

Download file to see previous pages However, there were banking activities that existed before this period although the operations were conducted in Mecca. From the historical perspective, Islamic banking can be categorized into three eras. The first era was in the early year of Islam until the time of Caliph ArRashidin. The second era of Islamic banking extends from the period of Caliphates to the fall of Uthmaniyah Empire. The third period which is the modern era is current Islamic banking. Prophet Muhammad got divine revelations that Mecca was a city of trade. There were a number of economic techniques and concepts that were used in early Islamic banking such as partnership, bills of exchange, cheques, promissory notes among others (Ahmad, 2010).
Islamic banks products exclude the use of Interest which is prohibited in Islam. Rather, the Islamic banks provide an anticipated profit rate for rental rates and savings. According to Islamic Law, money should not be used to create more money. Islamic banks are required to offer services in return for a profit. Instead of the traditional accounts that have interest rates, Islamic banks offer accounts that provide profits or losses. The bank buys property with the customer money, which creates a return to the bank. In case of savings, a customer makes deposits in Al Rayan banks for an expected profit rate. Unlike interest, expected profit rate is not fixed as the profit is made through Sharia compliant investments. There is an element of risk carried in the expected profit rate, but it is usually managed by Al Rayan Bank. Islamic banks Home Purchase Plans are on the basis of leasing and co-ownership, whereby the bank and the customer purchase the property jointly. The monthly payments made by the Customer little by little boost their share in the property. At the maturity of the finance term, the title of the asset is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Islamic Finance
...Islamic finance Despite the upheavals and mayhem that exists between the Islamic world and the United Kingdom, as peculiar as it may seem, it is wise to say that Islamic banking and finance has found its way in the United Kingdom. Islamic finance is the basis of Islamic banking system. Laying its foundation on the rules and principles of Sharia, commonly known as the Islamic law, this offers Islamic finance its very unique and competent features. As much as Islamic Banking has its challenge and opportunity, many western bankers have sort...
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Islamic Finance
...?Introduction to Islamic Finance Islamic finance is based on the shariah or “Islamic law” (Ilias Summary Section). Islam frowns on interest rate for loans. However, the abhorrence for interest on loans is not unique to Islam nor confined to Muslims. In the Old Testament, there is a similar attitude on interest rates for loans. A negative view for interests for loans is expressed in Exodus 22:25. On the other hand, conventional non-Islamic finance considers interests as the income of capital for taking risks as well as for sacrificing consumption. Investments have an element of gambling...
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Islamic finance
...?Islamic Finance Introduction Islam is a blessing to man from Allah, and it is the complete way of life. That also includes how we conduct our financial dealings. The Islamic economic system revolves around core principles which structure and develops a robust business cycle. Among those principles is the prohibition of Riba’ (interest) as it is a curse on society. Riba’ only increases a man’s lust for wealth and it is this very greed that leads man into oblivion. The current financial crisis is a result of system structured on interest rates and related products. Instead Islam asks for an equitable distribution of wealth so that all members of society...
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Islamic finance
...Islamic Finance Islamic finance and banking was launched as a significant practice in the financial field almost 30 years ago and has grown from a marginal industry to raise hope in a situation that was getting desperate. It may be defined as a finance system that conforms to Islamic law, also known as Sharia, although the definition does not imply that is it limited to Muslims or Islamic countries (Rammal & Zurbruegg 86). Islamic finance is guided by ethical concepts prescribed by Sharia in relation to money and capital and the association between profit and risk as well as the social...
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Islamic Finance
...for transaction needs. Islamic banks derive these rules from the Holy Quran, the Sunnah and from Islamic scholars. In order to observe Islamic rules; all Islamic Banks usually designate a Shariah Committee consisted of experts, advisors and scholars (WARDE, 2010). Shariah principles can be divided into four main classes as fee based banking, profit and loss sharing, subsidiary principles and free services (YATIM & NASIR, 2007). These classifications further contain sub principles. Among all countries Islamic banks in United Arab Emirates have least principles implemented while Islamic Banks in Pakistan have implemented most principles of...
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Islamic Finance
...Running Head: ISLAMIC FINANCE Islamic Finance s Islamic Finance Overview Islamic Banking andfinance is a part of the broader concept of Islamic economics, one aim of which, as suggested by Islamic scholars, is in the introduction of the value system and ethics of Islam into the economic sphere. Because of this ethical foundation, Islamic banking and finance for many Muslims is more than a system of mere commercial transactions. Following Islamic precepts in financial transactions are viewed by many as a religious obligation. The ability of an Islamic institution to attract investors successfully may depend not only on the profitability of that institution, but also on the perception that the institution faithfully observes Islamic... to be...
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Islamic finance
...Islamic finance History The financial industry is a significant industry which plays a critical role in the economy of different countries across the world. The history of banking is an old and varied history which started in the 14th century BC. The Islamic banking and finance processes started during the medieval times when it was recognized that the existing modes of banking and finance were violating the Islamic laws. The Islam population across different parts of the globe encouraged the popularity of financial transactions based on the principle of Sharia in Islam religion. The tradesmen in the...
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...Islamic finance Islamic finance is undergoing a new transition (DiVanna & Sreih, 2009). This is because the world is advancing in technology, which requires the Islamic Finance to upgrade their systems in accordance with new inventories thus thriving not only in their respective regions but also globally. Though some complies with this transition, some still disagrees and curses this revolution citing that it does not comply with Islamic Sharia law tracing their faith and beliefs from Quran and Prophet Mohammed (DiVanna & Sreih, 2009). These sharia laws require all Islam followers to abide by these laws. Hence, the present state of this Islamic finance is trying to upgrade and cope up with the economic, banking and finance crisis... with...
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Islamic finance
...Islamic Finance Based upon the analysis of the chapter, it has been revealed that the Islamic financial system has changed the entire operational procedures of banking practices in the Islam communities. Moreover, the system has made the financial institutions to avert banking crisis with the assistance of equity based banking practices, which is quite different from the traditional banking system. It has nurtured the banking system through the development of new financial instruments wherein the cash flow in banks is obtained from transaction and investment deposits along with the lending operations. In this regard, the Islamic financial system with the...
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Islamic Finance
...Islamic Finance Reasons behind failure of Islamic banks in adopting Profit-Loss Sharing System Islamic banks have successfully adopted Profit-Loss Sharing (PLS) system, which is based on financial transactions. However, its success is questioned because, with time many issues were observed. Initially, the PLS system aims at helping the banks to compare its bad and mediocre transactions that indicated efficient resource management. The main benefit of the PLS system is that the profit is shared with the investors of the banks instead of interests.source?? Despite the advantages offered by the system, it has failed to change the operational structure efficiently because of...
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