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However, other companies such as Public Limited Companies, Public Unlimited Companies and Private Unlimited Companies are possible acquirers of the technology business. Their sectors include…
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Mergers&Acquisitions (M&A) Simulation (1 page assignment)
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Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Simulation Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Simulations The potential acquirer of client’s technology business is a Public Limited Company. However, other companies such as Public Limited Companies, Public Unlimited Companies and Private Unlimited Companies are possible acquirers of the technology business. Their sectors include retail, commodities, conglomerate such as technology, consumer electronics, television, automotive, food, clothing, property, and among others. These companies are in a position to buy the client’s technology business because they have a strong financial base. Their acquisition power conforms to the value and amount of the customer’s business. Active acquisition strategy enhances easy acquiring of companies (Ray, 2010, p.34).
Private Limited Companies in United Kingdom are the potential acquirers of the client’s company. They include John Lewis Partnership, Stemcor private Company, McLaren Technology Group, Bakes Group, Arcadia Group, SCH Group, Monson Private Company, and Southern Water Company among others. These companies have various sectors that conform to the commodities of client’s technology business. John Lewis Partnership specializes in the retail sector. Its sales are 7,759 million pounds hence a possible acquirer of the client’s technology business (Brough, 2005, p.5). Mc Laren Technology Group specializes on television and consumer electronic industry, therefore, a potential buyer of client’s business technology. Besides, its sales are 554 million pounds. Bakes Group specializes in food industry. Arabica Group and Monsoon Company specialize in clothing industry, which relates to the same product offered by the technology business. Their sales are above 100 million pounds each hence convenient acquirers. The annual revenues of these companies are over 40 million pounds, and their gross margin is much higher than that of the client’s technology business. Therefore, they stand a better position of acquiring the technology business due to compatibility of their sectors and a strong financial base. Therefore, the above-illustrated UK companies are the most potential, possible and most interested in buying the client’s company.
Brough, G. H. (2005). Private limited companies: formation and management. Edinburgh, Thomson/W. Green. Print.
Ray, K. G. 2010. Mergers and acquisitions: strategy, valuation and integration. New Delhi, Prentice Hall of India. Print. Read More
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