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Case Study: Coke Zero. Do Real Men Drink Diet Coke text book=Marketing, 12th edition 9781111821647 - Essay Example

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Diet Coke targets the health conscious women who want to lose weight. Coke Zero targets who want to enjoy a low-calorie drink, which has the distinct traditional taste of Coke. Diet Coke Plus has fortified minerals and vitamins, and it targets the consumers who are concerned…
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Case Study: Coke Zero. Do Real Men Drink Diet Coke text book=Marketing, 12th edition 9781111821647
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"Case Study: Coke Zero. Do Real Men Drink Diet Coke text book=Marketing, 12th edition 9781111821647"

Download file to see previous pages In each of the products marketing, the most likely demographic segmentation employed would be age, income, race/ethnicity and gender.
3. The hidden camera videos were an effective tool because of the main idea of the Coke-classic taste infringement. This case communicated to the target market that the new Coke Zero shared similar taste with the Coke-classic. Charles et al. (2012) opined that taste had been a major issue inhibiting the target market uptake of new products. Such a strategy would also appeal to the target market for Diet Coke Plus. The use of decision makers and professionals talking about the perceived benefits of a product would endear the product to the target market.
4. Diet Coke could not have been repositioned to change the consumers’ perceptions. Repositioning of Diet Coke to appeal to men would have meant that a complete overhaul of the Diet Coke brand. For instance, rebranding of Diet Coke to remove the image that it was traditionally meant for the health conscious women who were concerned with weight loss (feminine stigma) (Charles et al., 2012). In addition, the use of the chemical sweetener, aspartame, left an aftertaste that was not appealing to the target market for Coke ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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